Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Painting - Team Yankee US (Cold War US)

Hello Folks,

So over the weekend I managed to finish off my starter box for Team Yankee. So now I am ready for some action!

Well I just had to finish the helicopters and a couple of objectives, so it wasn't a huge amount of stuff.

Cobra Attack Helicopters:

They look pretty good I think, kind of a pain thou if I am honest. There are allot of long thing parts, so keeping everything as square as you want during assembly is not very easy, and they there are problems with magnets, which can be an annoyance. Both in terms of polarity, and them ripping off the plastic if you don't have a good job done of gluing as they are strong magnets. I used an old Vietnam cobra painting video to do the painting which is super easy, mainly they are just painted brown violet. Then I did the transfers, including the teeth, mat spray, and the painted just the windows with gloss varnish as suggested by the video. I might go back and to the bases as well, fill in the dice whole which is not need and glue sand over the bottom ect.. Depends on how lazy I am later on.


The set also came with an objective, the one on the right, which is some kind of command station. I thought it would be best to have 2 painted in a similar way so I also did one from Kerr and King that I have had unpainted for a long time. The objective in the set is actually resin despite the all plastic sticker on the box, but I don't hold that against them.

Group Shots:

Finally here are a few shots of the whole group together for the Bannons Boys set.

So there you go first phase of this project done!

I actually picked up a second base set so that I could have more tanks (you really need 4 more to have a real army), and the cobras really want to be in a group of 4 as well. The Abrams set on it's own is not being released for some months, so it makes allot of sense to me. That would give a command section and 2 units of 4 tanks, and a unit of 4 cobras. I think the missile, AA, and M113 boxes are out now so I will get some of those whenever they show up at Fandom, or FDB or whatever.

Originally this was meant to be a small project but now I like it and want everything!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Also I got a new photo taking booth for Christmas so let me know if the pictures seems better.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 9 (Second starter set)
Painted: 10 
Total: +1 



  1. Those look good. And the lighting looks better as well. Do you have a separate light or are you just letting the flash bounce off the light box?

    What I discovered when building the Cobra is that the two magnets in the body of the helicopter are close enough that they can push each other away -- I had glued the magnets to the rotor and the stand first because I find it easier to mark the polarity that way and I ended up having to hold the magnets in body of the helicopter until the glue dried.

    I am going big into this as well -- I hope it is Fun!

  2. looks really good Mike...I just started putting paint to Soviet model last night...looking forward to some games.

  3. It comes with to lights on stands that you can set up on the sides of the box so that they shine in. I turned the flash off all together. Definitely seems better.

    Ah I never had that problem with the cobras, but I had every other one! Hopefully I don't get it on the next 2 either. I keep loosing parts for some reason, I lost a tail rotor to cutting it off the wrong sprue and tossing the other one in the garbage apparently.

    Yes hopefully it is fun indeed. I think it will be ok, a bit like Fate of a Nation, but you add in helicopters and more AA and all that stuff, and the balance between the nations is much better due to no hens and chicks and other national rules. So should make for better games. The same things might happen where the mission basically can't matter but that is not a huge deal. But we have to see how the helicopter rules and all that work out.

  4. The paint job is truly amassing. Well done. I just mine look good enough to play with you. I just finished them.