Monday, 18 January 2016

Painting - Dungeon Saga

So with the first part of my Team Yankee army finished I thought it was time to get back to painting Dungeon Saga, I am getting closer to having all this stuff completed so I really want to get it done now. But as I thought might happen having a big multiple week break in the middle of a project is really not great for keeping the enthusiasm high. A big part of me just wanted to continue on with painting tanks so it was a bit of a challenge.

So in the end I decided to paint a couple of the kickstarter extras, I thought they might be a bit more interesting so it would be easier to cut in that way, as opposed to just going right back to the Abyssal Demons.

Tyrant King Blaine:

I decided to do this crazy predator type guy first. Not really sure what he is meant to be but I gather he is a character from Kings of War, you can even get him riding a Dinosaur. I now feel that I need that. He also has some kind of Imorten Joe face mask thing going on.

I actually think this guy is kind of cool.


Then I was thinking about using the heroes from this set to make a frostgrave army. So I painted up a halfling warrior to use as a thug or something. Also he was small and wearing a bunch of chainmail so I thought it would be easy, that didn't hurt. Allot of sword for a little guy but I think it works out ok.

Lower Abbyssals:

After those guys my plan had worked and I was back into the flow with painting more Dungeon Saga stuff. So I went back to finishing off the Demons for the Infernal Crypts expansion and got another pair of the lesser demons done.

I also got a good start on the Demon Lord. So with these guys finished I just have 4 more lower abbyssals, 2 ogre sized guys and the demon lord left to go for that expansion. Then I would just ahve 2 more expansions and the rest of the extras, but the other expansions are smaller and only have 3-4 models and in one case a big dragon. Hopefully I can get that done soon and move back to Team Yankee. There are allot of projects that need to get completed by Cangames so I can't be doing this stuff forever!

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 9 
Painted: 14 
Total: +5 



  1. Those look good (and the lighting and the focus on the pictures is really good as well)

  2. Thanks the light box seems to be working out very well, I think using the mat as the bottom also helps. Glad I have that now.