Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bagration Campaign Day 1

Hello All,

This past Sunday we started a Bagration Flames of War campaign at the club, so I thought I would put up a battle report and a few pictures of the other games. I played my Sturm Kompanie against some Russian Tanks and Cavalry in counter attack.

We played in the dark corner which is a bit less crowded, but not great for pictures!

Set up to defend one objective with infantry, and guns. Hoping to defend the other with the reserves.

Russian tanks grind forward shooting, killing both guns, not sure why I put them front and center! Meanwhile the cossacks hang right, you can kind of see them in the back.

I just hunkered down to wait for the reserves, hoping not to take to many losses, but that is allot of dug in infantry to kill anyway. Lucky for me the Russian rockets did not range in.

My rockets came in from reserve and made the cassocks think twice about advancing. They failed a motivation test to unpin, turned out that mounted troops get a bonus and they would have past but didn't realize that until the end.

The grind continues, but I started to swing my machine guns out to the other objective.

A small unit of Russian tanks headed off to get the rockets and the objective, but my 3 Hornisee came in from reserve on a blitz and made short work of them.

The Russians in turn were now forced to turn up the heat. Circling in and starting to assault. The first try was pushed back by panzerfausts, and the one tank platoon was getting low on numbers, but I still had another platoon. They now had to run back thou!

Trading kills a bit back and forth. I actually assaulted with the remains of my platoon by the rock and got a kill and a capture somehow, leaving the one stubborn commander. But things looking grim for my HQ platoon.

Managed to move my infantry back, but they are not dug in sadly. Hoping to stall for time some my tank destroyers can kill off the tanks.

But the Russian rockets get in the game and lay down a smoke barrage, also the plane comes on and kills 2 of the hornisse leaving the last to run! Not good.

The tanks get the rest of my infantry, and consolidate the objective for a win on turn 8, with quite allot of cassocks coming!

Writing this it seems like I may have lost by moving that second infantry platoon out to soon. Also should havce deployed the guns in the woods, but oh well mistakes are made sometimes! Our side did alright campaign wise winning 2 attacks and loosing 4 defensive battles.

Here are a few quick shots of the other games:

That feels like allot of stands to me!

in comparison this table has almost none hah

Theres another big wave of stuff

this ones blurry, action was that intense



  1. It was a good game even though it didn't have the majestic sweeping cavalry charge that I was hoping for.

    I think there is more about the new rules that I like than I dislike and I am looking forward to the next game in the campaign

    1. I agree they simply things allot. We played a game of midway with all of the cards and what not as well, that also seems like an improvement allot less focus on special rules. Allot smaller platoons also it seems. Curious to see what they do with the Russians, I am really hoping they break up the big units and drop hen and chicks, they gave the crusader a bad tactics so it's harder to do movement orders which are important, I think stuff like that can work.

  2. I think the big units are needed to make the Russians feel Russian. I think the new command rules are almost enough now because it does make them quite unwieldy.