Thursday, 9 November 2017

Battle Report - Flight for Freedom

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battle Report! Once more we are playing a Hobbit Scenario, this time it is the 'Flight for Freedom' scenario. The Dwarves have all been captured by the Goblins of Moria, so they have to fight off the Goblins regain their weapons, and escape all in 10 turns!

I set up my Goblin Town the best I could, used a black mat to represent the drop and some rocks and Goblin Town Sets, one of them from Serge. We had most of 3 sets, you really need allot to pull this off, I think 4 or maybe 5 would have been better. But there is a limit to how many wood platforms one wants to paint!

I didn't want to have to learn all the names and special powers for all the dwarfs so insisted on playing the Goblins! All the models are provided by Serge.

The Dwarfs start of on a big platform by the King surrounded. The weapons are in a pile to the left of the King behind the 6 Goblins, and they most escape off the edge to the bottom of the table.

Ready for battle, the King is not so happy it seems.

Wasting no time the Dwarves surge forward, trying to kill the Goblins and get some weapons! I tried to pick off the weaker Dwarves, this was my strategy for the game, but it was only partially successful. The King was not allowed to move first turn, so he hurled a Goblin at Gloin, hitting and passing like 3 in the way rolls and beaned him right in his smug face, knocking him down and forcing him to use a Fate! Hah take that.

Next turn the scrum continues and the King gets in on the action, really hoping to win and toss Dwalin over the side, I hate that pesky guy!

The Dwarves spread out and start to get weapons, as Gandalf fights in from the side. They are doing allot of killing, but not so much on the escaping side! Could be a problem later...

Thorin and Dwalin team up to slay the King, sad times. I used a fate to avoid a hit from Orcrist, but then Dwalin finished the job. Full disclosure I forgot about the Kings 'Blubbery Mass' special rule which probably would have kept him alive another turn, but these things happen in the heat of battle.

So the King is down but the Dwarves are still hard pressed, they are killing lots of Goblins, but I am rolling well for re-enforcements and they just come back. Also Gandalf is not having an awesome time almost taking a wound from a Goblin!

The Dwarves get a chance to make a dash after winning priority. Some one called a March move so they all could run extra far. Which left the few Goblins to pick their targets of course. But the game is more then half over now, as the Dwarves only get 10 turns so time is really against them.

The Dwarves continue to win fights and are really pushing to make progress, but there is always more Goblins, and the Fate and Might reserves are getting strung out.

The great struggle for the top platform. Dwaling thought he had Grinnah corned but, but found another Goblin under his hammer!

Dwarves struggling for the Exit ramps, some of them and Gandalf making Heroic last stands. Things really coming down to the Wire as there are only a few turns left. Some key heroic fights that let them kill and move again and marches are the only way.

Bifur makes it up top to clear the way, more Goblin rushing to protect the scribe and stop him.

Thorin joins in which is sure to be a big help. But then Oin goes down, slashed to pieces by a Goblin. Gandalf used a scorceous blast to knock the Scribe off the platofrm into the inky blackness allowing Thorin and Bifur to slip away.

Down below Dwalin, Bombur, Nori, and I think Filli are pretty well off, so we decide that they count as escaping, the few platforms we had makes things allot harder for the Dwarves, so fair is fair. That means 7 Dwarves escaped in time! Not bad at all but they needed 8 for a tie, so it is a rare loss for Thorin and Co.

This was a much more interesting and fun scenario I thought. It is really tough for the Goblins as the Dwarves don't go down easy at all! But can be frustrating for the Dwarves as well due to the time pressure and endless Goblins. They killed 50 or 60 of them and all 3 of the characters!

There will be another scenario next week for sure, maybe switching to a Lord of the Rings one, but depends on how much painting I can get down. Would like to do something with the Fellowship thou!

Let me know what you thought.


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  1. I have one more large platform completed and two upper levels, so should make the goblin city a little bigger. It was a fun game, but the strategy of killing goblins was probable not very good. They just came back at the exit. It is a fun and easy game to play.