Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fall-In 2017 - Other Games

Hello Folks,

Well as usual I played in more then tournaments, so this post is going to be some of the other games I played and some random shots of other games I found interesting. For whatever reason I guess I had more going on this year so this side of things is going to be allot smaller I guess. But oh Well.

Brazen Chariots:

As has become kind of a tradition we played in another Brazen Chariots game Friday morning. Kind of nice to play a WW2 tank game that is so different. Also it is kind of a nice easy game to play to start things off, at least I think so. Chris seemed allot less enthusiastic this time.

This year it is the not quite so early war desert. I ended up on the British side with some M3-Lee's to command and our orders are to rescue some people and stop the Germans from advancing off our board edge. The best way to accomplish this is of course murder.

Pitiful German Panzers. There are a bit more of them, but our tanks have better armor, a better gun, and an extra gun. So let them come.

We start taking some real long range shots, not much chance to get a hit yet, but good time to learn how the rules work!  Mine are the ones not shooting of course.

The Germans are pressing forward, but we are learning how we have a bit better range, and how hard it is for the Germans to penetrate our armor at range, so we become less interested in advancing forward.

Hard to see but we have scored the first kill, a blazing fireball way down in the back. All our tanks are firing off shots now hah.

A bit later on, things are getting into close range now, the German have even killed a couple of our guys. But they are down even more and it is looking bleak for them.

The platoon pressing forward is mostly reduced to embers and time was up, so the game was called a decisive British victory. I thought the Germans did pretty good thou in getting a few tanks past the center line.

The middle of Friday was shopping and eating. Played in a big 30 player game after Supper, but it was not that great and I didn't get any pictures. But it was a thing that happened...

Anyway here is a few shots of a couple of random games.

Neat Tower and Town

By Fire and Sword, Seige of some Hungarian castle I think

Neat Banners
Well that is sadly all I had, will try and do better about getting pictures of random cool games at COld Wars in a few months!


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