Monday, 13 November 2017

Painting - Fellowship of the Ring

Hello All,

Time for another panting update! Been a few weeks so got allot of stuff done, plus made good use of the long weekend to push out the Fellowship of the Ring! So as usual here are a few pictures of what I have been doing lately.

Uruk-Hai Crossbows:

Bunch of Uruk-Hai ready to shoot some dwarfs, or whoever I guess hah. Still lots more Uruk-Hai to do but I ran out of the plain bases, so had to switch gears a bit. But it was kind of time anyway I guess.

Riders of Rohan, Westfold Red Shields:

A few Riders, these are really great models, but take a bit of time to paint. Have a few more partially done, plus Erkenbrand in progress. But decided I needed to paint the rest of the Fellowship for some reason.

Big Heroes:

Heres the 4 punchy guys from the Fellowship. I really felt like these models were not that great, especially Boromir and Aragorn, but once there painted they are actually pretty cool I think. Some better version exist thou I guess.



All the little guys, these are pretty cool as well. I really like Sam and his frying pan!

Full Fellowship:


To finish things off, all the terrain that comes in the Fellow Ship of the Ring starter set, plus a few extra pillars from the wiz kids packs. I figured a few more pillars wouldn't hurt anyone.

I guess the thing now is to either do Balin's Tomb, or else the Fellowship can have a run through Goblin town for fun.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 385
Painted: 390 
Total: 5


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  1. Nice painting Mike...I really like the terrain and scatter pieces