Thursday, 8 February 2018

Battle Report - Saga - Romans v Goths

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Saga, bit of a break from the Lord of the Rings to try something different. Once more going with Aeitus and Arthur armies, so I took some Romans to fight the Goths.

I have found the mission in that nook to not be great so picked one from the crusades book. Basically whoever does the most murdering wins!

Here is the inital set up. The Goths deployed in huge blocks of mounted, hearth guard on the left warriors on the right. I kept my mounted hearth guard on the right, with scattered pockets of warriors.

Rome gad the first turn so I attacked with some mounted and killed half a unit of warriors for 1 loss, also set up some defensive abilites

The Goths counter charged with a unit of their guards killing all mine for 2 losses. Then a unit of warriors charged my line and killed half of a unit for a  loss.

I countered charmed them with another unit after throwing some plumbate aND finished off that unit of warriors.

Trading places another unit of hearth guard and the warlord smashed that unit. I was then able to use a fatigue to slow the other Goth hearth guard preventing their charge.

Next turn Rone really needed to hit back so I used the barritus ability to mI've or shoot 4 units. I shot 1 unit with the archers, then charmed into the mounted hearth guard a couple of times. This killed off all of them. Last one I moved a unit of 2 hearth guard next to my warlord. I used his free move to double charge the Goth warlord hoping I might get a kill. But it was not my day so had to fall back.

The few Goths hearth guard that remained then went on a holy terror, killing my warlord and finishing off a couple if units.

At this point we were pretty close on points, basically even on murdering regular guys but the Goths are up 3 points for my warlord. On my turn 6 I rolled my dice and couldn't activate any of my warriors, no dragons!

So we called it there as a Goth win. They could only loose by attacking so not really any point in trying.

Was a fun game couple of small mistakes could change everything.



  1. Good looking game Mike...which matt is that? Looks really sharp.

  2. That one is from, they do some good stuff. They do the mouse pad style ones, it's actually 2 sided but haven't tried the other part. They make some nice pre-painted terrain also.

  3. A great looking game on a beautiful terrain!