Friday, 2 February 2018

Battle Report - Into the Breach!

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are back to Helmsdeep, fighting the second scenario.  The wall has been exploded and the Uruk-Hai must press thrpugh and kill everyone!

We had the exact forces on had for the bad guys, and the heroes for the movie version, but still using wood elves to replace warriors of Rohan.

Here is the starting position. Everyone on the battlements but gimli is knocked down, Aragorn stands alon against the breach with more guys running to help.

I decided to try hard to fight Aragorn, so I put 2 captains with pikes and a banner in front. Sadly he won the first round but didn't do any real damage.

Have to take turns fighting.

The forces of goodwin priority next and are able to cut off the captains and flood the breach. This is a critical thing, really jammed up the bad guys in the breach.

Both of the captains are killed, not awesome!  But as you can see it is soon troll time!

The fight for the battlements is going a bit better. Gimli is sticking the upper one, but am making some headway on the lower one.

As you can see lots of bad guys are getting up there! A real fight is developing. The Elves have a bit higher chance to win fights but the Uruk-Hai have much higher chances of getting kills once they are over the battlements.

Now it's is Troll time! The troll is not super keen on fighting Aragorn and his doom sword. So forces him to charge and make a courage test. Haldir comes in as well.

The troll wins!  Seeing a good chance the troll decides to toss Aragorn. If the troll can get him in the back rows and kill some of the weaker guys that would be great. However Aragorn does a good job resisting and only goes 0" just getting knocked down.

Starting to get low on troops now, but still fighting. The evIL man captain on the battlements is killing lots of elves somehow.

But the evil forces go below their break point and start having to make morale tests. The troll is among the first to head gir the hills.

Wit low courage values the evil forces fOlds pretty fast, leaving the heroes still in the fortress. The wall holds!

Hope you enjoyed it. Should be some more helms Depp un a couple of weeks, something else next week for a bit of a change up.



  1. Great report Mike...the wall looks great, nice painting on the figures!!

  2. Great game. Aragorn is one tough fighter. (Especially with the sword)