Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Painting Update - Seige Equipment + Other

Hello All;

Decided to do another painting post. Been working on a few things. Getting ready for cangames, but also started adding to my Epic Sisters of Battle army so I can try that at Cold Wars.

Seige Assault Ballasta:

First up some big equipment to help with taking down pesky walls. Not sure how much I like this thing. Was not to hard to put together and paint and it looks good from some angles, but it cam out a but lopsided. Hard to keep everything strait,  I did it in parts for painting and assembled in blocks at the end. Also the cart with the wheels feels off some how.


Next up I did a set of Ninjas just for fun. Also painted them in multiple colors kind of have a power Rangers thing going on. K8nd if a mixed bag with these, I like the read and black ones and the yellow n8nha star gut is ok, but the others are kind of not great.


Finally a unit of Immolators,  flame tanks. The tournament at Cold Wars is 3000 points, I don't have near that so need to make some additions. Waiting for some new stuff to come in the mail hopefully it makes it in time.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 16 (more shadespire guys)
Painted: 67
Total: 51


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