Monday, 19 February 2018

Painting Update

Hello All;

Time for another post with a few pictures of the stuff I have been working on. Still mainly Lord of the Rings stuff. But we have just had a By Fire and Sword club day, and there was an Infinity tournament last weekend. So I used those events as an excuse to work on some other stuff as well.

First up a finished the Heroes of Helms Deep set I got from Duncan. Really like the models overall, great versions of the characters, not crazy about Aragorn thou.

Haldir & Banner:

Think I posted Haldor before but he has a pal now. Some fancy elves, they take fashion seriously hah.

Three Hunters:

Next there are the three hunters, Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas. I think Gimli is my favorite of the three. But all are better then the plastic version.

Theodin's Household:

The human characters are in as well of course. Eowyn, Theoden, and I think the last guy is called Hamma, the kings bodyguard anyway.

Group Shot:

As you can see a great set!

Sweedish Dragoons:

On the Fire and Sword front I finished off the mounted part of a blister of dragoons. They have been half done on my coffee table (desk overflow) for awhile!

Holy Roman Artillery:

Also a couple of cannons for my infantry force.

Forage Markers:

Finally for this game a set of markers for use in the forage scenario. Big piles of loot basically.

Fat Yuan Yuan:

On to some Infinity stuff. They made this as a joke model,  but our tournament involved mercenaries so I decided to paint him up.


Lastly for today is another mercenary guy this time on a motorcycle with a big sword, what's not to love. He did well in the tournament slicing up like 4 guys. But was a laugh to play as well.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 16 (more shadespire guys)
Painted: 57
Total: 41


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