Sunday, 22 April 2018

Battle Report - Early War Dust Up

Hello Folks,

Here is a battle report for the game I played with Nick at the club on Friday. We had a couple of Early war tank forces I took some Panzer 3s and and armored cars, and the Brits had various cruiser tanks and some mobile AT guns. Scenario was Dust Up, which I found to be a fun one as it is kind of mobile and has the objectives really split so attacking and defending are kind of separate.

I put a platoon of Panzer 3s and a second of 2s in reserve, and the Brits had a bunch of tanks. Only vehicles involved so we are set to have a real shoot up.

Turn 1 for me, I set te cars to go threaten the British objectives early, while my tanks held down the fort and tried some sneaky long range shots at the tanks.

The British tanks fried at the cars, but just got a single bail not super successful. The trucked AT was swining around to attack my objective.

My turn the Armored cars continue playing with the tanks, actually getting a kill, so they were doing quite well. My tanks had to do a real move (vs a blitz) to shoot up the trucks, but there aim was not great so they didn't kill any! Not good.

The Brits moved up the back group of tanks to hold down the objective from across the ridge. So no easy victories for the cars. The trucks blitzed into firing position and put quite allot of shots into my poor 3 tanks. But early war being what it is they just ended up with a kill and a bail. Which is dangerous but not dire. I moved the second group of armored cars to help out as I was not confident.

Managed to unbail my tanks, so never had to take that pesky morale test, which meant my guys would be hanging around for a bit. But my commander did bite it.

Still no reserves so the pace of the action is slowing down a bit. I was able to finish off the trucks, and the Brits are consolidating their objective and trying to fight off the armored cars. But they guns on those particular tanks are hot shit so they are killing nobody.

Time for reserves, so a squad of British tanks are jamming straight down the road. Swaning about the Desert is there thing so fair enough.

At this point I had lost all my respect for British tanks, seeing them fail to kill armored cars and all. So I sent my second platoon of Panzer 3s on their original plan to take the objective. But they would have to move and shoot which is not their strong point if we are honest.

Waves of British tanks keep coming! This is starting to be a real touchy problem! These ones have proper guns as well. My defending Panzer 3s have all died, which is not ideal. So I am defending with cars and 2s, which are really just cars without wheels. But on the other hand my second platoon is forcing there way into the objective, but those tanks won't die.

The battle for the dusty village continues. Lines of British tanks rolling in. As you can see all of my Panzer 2s are bailed out! Neither of us is really happy with that result!

But they all remounted so it worked out. I am not having a good feeling here thou.

At this point my camera phone battery died, but Nick was kind enough to take over. Pznaer 2s have quit the field, they never really signed up to fight that many tanks! But the armored cars are here to hold out which I believe is the Recon... Off screen my tanks have finally got a stationary shot and killed all 3 of the other tanks, but a second group is there to hold out a bit.

But the British tanks seal the deal exploding all of the cars. This leaves me with only 1 platoon left so my company is broken and Nick is sadly the winner.

Lots of burning hings.

It really seemed like I had a strong upper hand in the first half of the game, but the Brits had a very strong set of reserves, and once they came in they were able to turn things around. I guess I should have been trying to take that objective sooner!

Was a real fun game, early war tank battles are always the best. Who knows what is going to happen, and you have to move around no blasting people across the table like late war. I am a real fan.



  1. Sounds like a great game and Nick won. The he change his dice?

  2. Always a good read and covers action well.