Monday, 16 April 2018

Battle Report - Star Wars X-Wing

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are venturing into Space! Decided to try out some X-Wing miniatures game action. Serge pick up some Rebels so time for battle.

I had a group of heroes flying 2 tie interceptors, 2 tie fighters, and an inqusitor in a tie advance prototype.

The scum had an X-wing, E-wing,  and chewy flying a falcon.

Just a straight up murder game.

First turn getting things moving. My plan was to get the fighters first and worry about chewy later. So everything flew right. Tge scum was a but indecisive and traveled slow.

Turn 2 ships a getting into position a few pot shots but nothing serious. Also the start of my tie fighters flying into asteroids,  which is not what you want really.

Turn 3 has a big scrum, I mostly got the upper hand here damaging the fighters and good rolls keeping me safeish. The raider in the back giving some imposing scenery. One can assume vader will force choke any under performing pilots.

Kind of a fly past after that but I start loosing shis. Killed the x-wing thou so that is good.

More flying around as chewy circles the edge.

Getting low on ships now. But a tie is following the E-wing and the inquisitor goes after chewy.

The E perfectly out flanked the Tue with a barrel roll and got a kill. Chewy took out the inquisitor.  So it was a win for the  insurgents!

More space battles this week. Think I will try some ships that have shields thus time!


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  1. Okay, that is awesome!! I totally have to get back to gaming...