Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Battle Report - Star wars X-Wing game 2

Hello all;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! Bit late again but dye to lazy Ness these things will happen.

This time I tried out a list with 2 Tie Defenders and a Tie Bomber. All of them had titles and lots of upgrades. Main idea was for the bomber to be a support ship helping the defenders attack with lots of guns.

Tred to take closer in shots for better pictures now.

Here is the deployment. Trying to keep a tight formation with the bomber to get the bonuses. Across the table the Rebels have X B and E wings ready for battle.

Zeroing in on the B-Wing. My plan was to take out this guy first.

Then comes the clash where ships really cause the first damage. Got some good shots lined up here. Put a good hurt on the B-Wind.

The things get complicated. Some space collisions as you can see. But no more B-Wing so that's good. X is next on my list.

Flying around in circles now just trying to get good shots.

I guess this is where it all goes wrong. My red ship had the E in a great position ion token in place so I knew where it was going. But failed to capatilize and just flew in front. I forgot to consider that he fires first so my Red ship went down.

A but of pat back thou as I am finally able to take out the X-wing. This ship had R2-D2 so kept getting shields back. 2-1 nowy game to loose!

Another joust. But my defender is facing the wrong way! This was the end of the bomber.

Was pretty close but I flew terribly with the defender and the E-wing was able to take it out.

So another win fir the rebels. Going to try out the Imperial Raider tonight so might go better?


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