Monday, 30 April 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades

Hello All,

On Saturday I had the chance to try out the new Saga Crusades book (which I just got on Friday!) With Duncan (good).

I decided to try out my knights with the new Teutonic (Ordenstaat) board, since that is what they are. Before I had to use the generic one for knightly orders.

I went with 3 units of mounted knights plus some foot warriors a crossbows and a unit of foot knight. No levy sadly which you really want to have for this board but oh well.

Duncan took the moors as it matched his stuff best, and there is still just the one mission so a clash of Warlords it was to be.

I set up a table based on the idea of a small burned out village along a road.

Here is the deployment. Knights and moors spread out for murder. The moors deployed a mounted as a single unit of 8 but I kept mine speerage.

The moors were in a badood it seems so they charged the foot knight right off and wiped them out with no losses. The pressed on and killed most of the cross bows.

I didn't really appreciate the so I counter charged them with some brother knights.

Lots of combat abilities for the knights so after a second assault they were a problem no longer.

The moors commAnder then tried to keep up the pace charging my knights. But we both had abilities to get loads of defense so no one was injured there.

But the poor guy was left fatigued and vulnerable on my turn. So the brothers gave him some very nice lances. Christian charity and all that.

At this point the moors are having command problems with only a few saga dice.

So they brought up the big guns and roasted a knight with naphtha (think that's what they are called) any way it's fire.

I thought fire was uncool so some other knights charged some warrows with fire throwers. Killed a couple of guys but nothing great.

Then my warriors killed the unit if moors foot guard. Have to prove their value to the knights if they want to stay alive.

This made the moors angry and they flamed and them charged my knights! Tge nerve.

Getting low on units now, and hungry for glory.  So the battle bishop charged the first group of warriors. He bashed in a few heads but went down in a blaze of glory. Warlords seem easier to kill now.

The moors ran way cowardly for their last turn. I only had 2 dice so wasn't able to chase them down. So that's the end!

In the calculation of points I was up by 2 slaughter points, but you need 3 to win! So it was a draw. 

Have to try harder next time. The Teutonic knights have a few abilities were you can have people die to make them better. So clearly I need some levy to die.



  1. nice report, we should get a game in. Are you heading to Historicon this year.

    1. Nah we just do cold wars an fall in, bit to much of a drive for Historicon most years and people have other stuff going on in summer. I am down for fall in thou!