Friday, 6 July 2018

Battle Report - Saga Dark Ages

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Saga once again, but Dark ages this time. I wanted to try out the new Skraelings board so we have some Vikings invading northetn Newfoundland.

Only 4 points thou as I never got around to painting more. I had 3 units of warriors and some levy, the Vikings had 3 units of warriors and some Hearthguard. No Berserkers thou.

Inital Deployments and terrain, kind of a goat path along the beach. Kind of a nice beach buy still. Lots of rocks and stuff up there and I put some trees. Maybe a bit tall fir there but my excuse is that this is during the medevial warm period.

Vikings had 3 dice as player one so did some manuvers but were playing it safe. The new thing for the natives is sprit totems that give permanent buff but cost allot of Saga dice so I was happy to play slow and get that going. 

Went for Puma Totem to get an extra Saga dice and Eagle on the archers for better shooting.

Turn 2 was allot more active. The vikings moved up with everything. I set up another totem and got to throwing sticks. 2 units of braves moved up and tossed their javelins. The vikings used an ability to exhasut 1. The other used an ability to get a free shot the move and throw again with no fatigue. This went very well killing lots of Norse men.

Had some phone problems so only had 1 mors picture. I think the last couple got lost. Anyway the Vikings hit back with multiple charges doing a good bit of damage taking advantage of my low armor and not letting the javelins charge.

I hit back with efficency javelin throws. My warlord activated beaver totem to reroll hits and killed the hearthguard. But was left vulnerable and got killed by I guess Leif the Lucky! But he was also vulnerable and my braves threw sticks and killed him.

In the end after lots of murder the points turned out 19 to 19. So a draw on the rock.

Hard to win with less points so you really need to be crushing it.

I liked the new board thou good fun. Much better then tge last version.


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