Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Battle Report - By Fire and Sword

Hello Folks,

This past Friday was our wargaming club day, this time around it was a by fire and sword day. We had around 10ish people which is pretty good.

I ended up in a game with Ben to face off against Nick and Martin. We had Brandenburg and sweedish against a double does of Polish. We just played a skirmish game and ignored the fact that each side had 2, just had a bigger table and played normally.

We choose the take and hold scenario, which gives 4 points for holding a central hill and 2 side hills worth 1 each. The Poles had a recon advantage and choose to ambush some Panceiri pretty scary.

Deployments, you can kind of see the hills under the mat. Anyway I had 2 units of 3 dragoons on each side of a hit of 4 titers with a small cannon on the side. Mainly facing Nick who had some dragoons and small units of mounted with a stronger on across the wood and 1 in ambush.

I did not great with pictures sadly. Anyway turn 1 I moved up my dragoons and my riters had a brief fight with the light cavalry who lost badly. Meanwhile the cannon popped some shots. In turn 2 the ambush turned up in the woods.

Here are things on the other flank. Lots of fighting. Going back and forth I guess.

The ambushing Panceiri crushed my unit of dragoons running all over them. But thankfully missed my artillery. On the other side we had a dragoon shooting match while my riters set up fir another chatge.

They went in but defensive fire pushed them back. The victorious Polish unit was a bit stuck with no orders. Somehow Bens unut 9n the hill was holding out. But we may have made a mistake in how disorder was handled.

Overview of the battle. Poles cleaning up on the far left.

Eventually that Polish unit on our side got organized and set off to retake the hill. But artillery shots are adding up and they are a pretty reduced. Same thing with my hill but the shooting is a bit better. Still I am down to 2 stands as well.

Final view of the battle. We were able to hold the central hill, somehow. And my riters managed to take the right flank at the last minute.  The Poles have built a country on the left however. We all had heavy losses (50%) which gives 0 points except Martin who had acceptable losses for 1 point. So it was 5 points to 2 for us. If the Poles got another turn or 2 they would easy take the center. But to bad times up!

Was a real fun game and good club outting,  despite the heat which was to dam high!


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