Thursday, 5 July 2018

Battle Report - Walking Dead

Hello All,

This past weekend I got a chance to do some more Zombie Apocalypse gaming with Duncan! Giving the walking dead game from Mantic another go.

I changed things up a bit and brought my 3 hazmat guys, plus the veteran my leader, tge fireman, and the mechanic.  All custom profiles as have been seen before. Duncan took a classic Rick Carl Glenn and Carol group with the prison timelone cards. We both had a few weapons.

Here is the table, Prison plus some road with a gas station and allot of crashed cars. I cam in through the hole in the prison fence, Rick and Co.  From the far side. Various supply tokens spread throughout.

My idea is to nab all the supplies in the prison and on that side. So my guys run for the one out side the fence but mostly stick together.

In this game the zombies get cleared out pretty well at first. But Rick and Glenn are getting up in my business!

Soon I realize I need to murder some of Duncans guys and take their stuff or I will loose. So I start shooting Rick in the face and starting trouble.

This degenerates into a big punch up. Here Carl is fighting my leader and a hazmat guy wit s chainsaw. So I don't have a leader but Carl has no gas so hah!

The melee continues. Carl finding himself surrounded and gasless goes down. Rick is being a real pain thou.

Chipping away at Rick gang but I an loosing wounds as well. Starting to be a problem. But the Rick goes down in a blaze of glory.

Then tge walkers arrive.  Glenn drops an alarm clock which gathers them and everyone tries to grab loot and run. A few more guys die but most of the rest escape. I was able to grab a few from the pile left when Carol died. That was enough to give me the edge!

Never made it into the prison thou hah.

This was the most fighting we have probably ever done between gangs which was interesting. Played out very different and we never got the huge hordes of zombies which can kill very fast.


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