Thursday, 12 September 2019

Battle Report - Mordor vs Dwarves in Domination

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report!

This weeks is another Lord of the rings game. I have a mordor force with Gothmog lots of orcs mordor uruk-hai and troll. Facing off against pesky dwarves, with Durin and Balin.

Mission we pulled was Domination, there are 5 points around you have to control at the end, plus points for breaking the opposing force, and wounding their leader.

Here is the deployment. I have Gothmog and the main orc force on the left, uruk-hai and troll holding the middle, and small groups of orcs behind. Dwarfs have 3 groups about equally spaced. My main strategy is to avoid fighting thr good dwarf heroes as much as possible and just beat up the normal guys!

Here we are after turn 1. The troll went right, both to avoid Durin and to break through the dwarfs so my 4 archers could go take an objective towards the back. Some fights with the Uruk-hai and my main line of orcs went in. Dwarfs had to move forced so I was able to pick and choose. Fighting went pretty well for me with a few dwarfs down!

Next turn the battling continues. On the left my line is pushing through pretty well. But I had a few orcs climb up after the archers and they were crushed. In the center it's a bit more even but the uruk-hai were doing better then expected. The Troll is pushing through as well which is good.

Next turn, the warriors are starting to dwindle so the heroes are starting to have ti fight more. Mainly the troll has finished of his flank, but the dwarf archers are pushing dangerously on the left.

I think this was a big turn. All 3 heroes in the middle called heroic combats so the get to charge again if they kill everyone. I got super lucky here and Gothmog rolled a bunch of 6s and killed Balin!

Around this turn the dwarf force broke, but they have high courage and were consistently losing priority so not a huge deal. Pretty much at the clean up phase now so I am trying to lock down those objectives.

Next turn my force broke, which can be bad as orcs have very low courage. I lost a few but it wasn't terrible. The dwarfs had hard luck as well loosing a few. My main concerns were my 4 archers in the back and the troll as I could easily loose objectives there, but they mostly held.

Final turn, the Dwarfs routed due to only 25% remaining, a few kills and more poor courage rules.

End of the day o held 2 objectives fully and 2 contested, plus breaking the dwarves for 7 points. The dwarves had 2 points 1 for breaking and 1 for wounding Gothmog.  So a win for the orcs, but was pretty close actually, we both lost allot of troops.

I was never really close to wounding Durin, he is just to tough!


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