Sunday, 28 September 2014

15mm - WW2 Canadian Infantry Section

Finished off my section of Canadian Infantry today, just used the painting guide from the ViIllers Bocage book. I tried to put a blue square on their shoulders, the patch for the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, they had that with the painting guide and it seemed like a quite easy patch to do so why not!

Anyway here they are taking cover in a woods while the Lt figures out his maps.

These are from the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm late war British box, so allot smaller than the rest of the stuff I have posted so far. Pretty happy with these guys, allot of benefits to them being plastic and didn't cause any problems. I decided to use the Baccus basing kit for the basing which is intended for 6mm stuff, so the grass may be a bit short really.

Next quick project is a small group of SS Infantry for them to fight with. These are metals from an older battle front box, these ones had a fair amount of problems with flash so I kind of like the plastic ones better really. Although this BF set comes with allot more variety of guys plus allot of support weapons so there are pros and cons I guess. I was planning to just do 8 of these guys but couldn't resist the sniper  and a machine gun.

It's kind of fun painting the Flames of War stuff in smaller numbers, pretty tempting to get a support weapons set and do a few more.