Monday, 2 February 2015

Battle Report - Club Night - Golan Heights

Well last Friday we had the Ottawa Miniatures Gamers club night, and Stan ran a Force on Force scenario for the Golan Heights. Some Syrian tanks attacking towards some Israeli vehicles camped on a ridge line. The Israelis had 3 tanks to our 9, but they were better tanks and had better training and morale.

The Syrians had the initiative on the first turn, we advanced and started taking some shots. Actually there was an extreme amount of luck on our side, as the first shot of the game took out one of the Israeli tanks.

And that was more or less how things went with use advancing along attempting to escape off the board.

The Israeli's were given periodic reinforcements to keep the game going, and over time they wore us down.

But one lucky tank managed to slip the net, as you can see here with him about to escape off the board.

There was also a few other games on going:

War of 1812 Naval Game
Ancients Game - DBMM
Another Ancients game with Romans and Ancient British



  1. Nice pictures, 1812 and Ancient are my favourites...

  2. Ancients are always fun, I have been moving more towards 28mm then 15mm myself thou. DBMM is fun, but I find it hard to paint that much of 1 period so hard to add armies.