Monday, 2 February 2015

Painting - Teutonic Banner

Kind of a stretch to call this a painting post, but I thought I would make a small update anyway. I got some new water slide decals in for the Teutonic Knights from Battle Flag last week, designed specifically for the Fire Forge set, so I thought I would finally do that banner that has been missing.

Basically what I did was get a sheet of tin foil, spray paint it white, slide the transfer on to it. The I used a few coats of decal solution. Finally you have to cut the decal out and glue it onto the banner pole, with the tin foil you can easily bend it into what ever wavy shape you want. I found it a bit better then the sticker type ones you get from Little Big Men Studios, but it was a bit more work. So basically I would go for whatever one has the flag I like.

The water slide decals from Battle Flag, work pretty well, they slide without to much trouble, and they really don't rip easy which is really good when you are doing big flags! But on the negative side the decal films are not pre-cut around the images so that is a bit annoying.

All in all I am happy with these and will likely get some more for some different orders eventually.

It's really hard to get the two sides of the flag to line up perfectly, so you can see a bit of the backing in the picture, but that is a problem with the paper flags as well, it's not really noticeable on the gaming table thou.


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