Thursday, 26 February 2015

Painting - Bishop of War

So finished painting my Teutonic Bishop. This guy turned out to be one of my favourites for some strange reason.

Maybe it's the hat. Anyway same basic colors as the rest of the Teutonics, and I also put him on a fireforge horse instead of the metal one he came with. This guy also being from Gripping Beast. I might go back and add a shield, I am conflicted on that one. Some how it doesn't seem right for a bishop to carry around a big giant shield, but I would like to get something that has the Teutonic symbol on there.

You have 2 options with how to use this guy, he can replace your warlord, which makes you loose some attacks but can 2 special SAGA abilities basically, or he can join in addition and act as a mini-warlord for 1 point. I don't think either is really worth it, but I might try out adding him as an extra on Saturday to give it a go. At least I technically have 6 points painted now, although I am still hoping to get another 4 knights done in time for Cold Wars. Would be nice to get another 4 cross bow guys as well but you can't have everything.

The next project is a quick paint of some M113 APCs for my Jordanians. The next day of the Arab-Israeli war campaign has snuck up on my and I need a few more things to make the points. Basically just an infantry platoon, so my plan is to cheat a bit and paint the rides and use some Americans for the infantry as there isn't time for that.


Forgot to add Pledge Status and Colors:

Paints Used:

Games Workshop:
Mithril Silver
Black Spray
Khorne Red

Dark Grey
Natural Grey
Deck Tan
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Desert Yellow
Flat Red

Flesh Shade
Light Flesh

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 32 (15mm Warrior Monks and Ikko Ikki from Museum Miniatures) 
Painted: 31
Total: -1