Monday, 23 February 2015

Painting - Teutonic Knight Commander

So yesterday I put the finishing touches on my Teutonic Knight Commander, as previously discussed it's a Gripping Beast guy mounted on a Fireforge horse. The retainer is also from the GB pack, and the banner is from Battle Flag.

I was not real keen on these guys at first, but they have really grown on me, so now I am quite happy with the final result. I didn't have any round renendra bases that were big enough for both guys, the 40mm plastic ones are just big enough from the rider alone and I didn't have any others, so I just out them on a big square one.

I tried putting one of the decals on the chest of the retainer, but the material used for these decals is a bit thicker then normal, which is great for banners, but makes it impossible to get it to lie into those folds. I tried the softener but it was not working at all. Not a big problem thou, it worked fine on the flat part of the bosses helmet.

Next up is the Bishop of War, but I am also hoping to get another 4 mounted knights done to finish off that box of knights before Cold Wars as well.

I am kind of planning to get the Templar Infantry, Men at Arms foot, and Men at Arms mounted sets at Cold Wars to add on, but will see what I am thinking then. I am thinking about doing a smallish Northern Crusades game at Cangames so I would need to get working on some Russians as well. Gripping Beast have some nice looking ones to cover that but time to paint them is short.

Paints Used:

Games Workshop:
Mithril Silver
Black Spray

Dark Grey
Natural Grey
Deck Tan
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Desert Yellow

Flesh Shade
Light Flesh

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 14 
Painted: 30
Total: +16



  1. That looks good, the shadow from the flash makes him look particularly ominous.

  2. Hah true, guess I should get a lamp or a box or something at some point.

  3. He's just a happy Deutscher...nothing to worry about...nice looking noble. If you need a walking knight I've got a few extra that I picked up recently at North Bay hobbies...

  4. The list I am using in SAGA doesn't actual permit the knights in this army to walk, so I don't think i will but thanks for the offer and I will keep it in mind, never know.