Thursday, 12 February 2015

Battle Report - DBA Ver 3

So another Wednesday wargaming battle report, this week we decided to give DBA Ver.3 another try, it's decently popular at the club so worthwhile to keep up with the rules basically. Plus I have a few armies for this game so might as well get some use of them.

For the first game I decided to give my Marian Roman army a go. Cavalry General, 1 Cav, 1 solid warband, 2 skirmishers, and 7 solid blades to be the legions. Personally I think solid foot is kind of pointless and your usually better off with fast, but no choice with the Romans. I played against a Byzantine army with a variety of stuff, 1 knight, bunch of cav, a few bows, a blade, couple of light horse ect...

I was the invader so Serge set up the terrain, a couple of plowed fields, a road, gentle hill and a woods. It ended up that it rained so the ploughed fields would be slow going. Unfortunately I had deployed most of my troops into a bit field so that is not great.

I put my mounted on the right flank, planning to delay the enemy mounted while my foot kills his. Going to be a hard sell thou with the field slowing me down.

I advanced forward and the Byzantine Cav went on a bit of a trip around the boggy field, hoping to get into the flanks and rear. I refer to this as a Nick plan.

Couple of turns later, I am finally out of the field almost, but my cav including the general is well on the way to getting himself surrounded, so that is not very intelligent.

I sent a legion over to delay and make them fight for the flank, hopefully he can by enough time for the battle to be over first.

But he only lasts a turn or two, and my ability to move into contact has not been great, so seems that I am in serious troubles.

The fight goes for a few rounds with no effect, but then the pincer closes and my cavalary and general are killed so it is a loss for me.

We did play a second game, this time I decided to try out my greek army with tons of Spear men and a few light troops. This time the Byzantines had even more Knights so things seemed worse.

Brave skirmishers take on all that Cavalry by themselves
Sadly my phone died so I didn't get to take so many pictures. But this game was allot cloose, 3-4 in fact I think. My light troops managed to kill a few light horse by trappings them on the edge of the table just past the hamlet (that guy is right on the edge in this picture. But then I decided to try the river, found out it was paltry so does nothing. This caused the Byzantine Calvary to line up and charge right into my spear line, which they easily smashed with Knights.

So a few fun if not so successful games. Next we we are going to try out some SAGA so I can test out my Crusader army a bit before the tournament at Cold Wars. Hopefully you will see a few painting updates over the weekend as I finish things off. But I can supplement my Teutonic Knights with some Warhammer Knights that I had painted as Templars a few years back so it's not critical really.



  1. Nice buildings Mike...did you make those?

  2. Nice looking minis and nice looking village...well, the phone was the only bad news!

  3. The buildings are from Oshiro Model Terrain, I am not any where near that skilled at making stuff. I didn't even paint them actually. They are really good thou, I have 4 bases like that (I think anyway), that fit together to make a bigger village. Kind of annoying for DBA thou as you have to put guys on the roof and it just looks bad.

    My phone is almost 2 years old now I think, so they probably figure it's time for me to spend more money and sent the secret signal to kill the battery life. That is my theory.