Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Painting - Blitz!

So lots of painting in the last week or so. I had to finish off some M113s for our Arab Israeli War game, and a few more Knights for Cold Wars, and I have been busy for a few weeks actually on a secret project to re-base some of my 15mm Samurai Stuff for a Pike and Shotte game at Cangames.


So first up I have a platoon of M113 Armored Personal Carriers to carry around my Jordanian Infantry in style. Had to get these done to make the 900 point size for the last day of the campaign. This is the plastic Jordanian kit from BF, but I don't think anything is different about it other then 4 guys to stick out of the hatch. They were super easy to put together and the parts fit almost perfect, and easy to paint so very happy with that kit.

So there are those guys, happy with how they came out. Luckily I had written down the colors used to paint my last batch of tanks so I could go back and look it up!

Khaki Grey
Desert Yellow
Dark Sand
Reflective Green

Transparent Raw Umber Ink
Black Ink

Chaos Black Spray

Teutonic Knights:

Next up I have the last for knights from my Fireforge box. Gives me the option to not use the Bishop if I so desire, plus it's good to actually finish off the full kit finally! I ran out of the Desert Yellow I was painting the bases when it came time to do the rims, so I just painted them black for now. Pretty standard now but here they are:

I did half and half on the lances and melee weapons this time so I would have 6 of each. Running out of helmets that don't have fancy attachments now so I had to use some bigger ones, but that is ok.

Games Workshop:
Mithril Silver
Chaos Black Spray

Dark Grey
Natural Grey
Deck Tan
German Camo Beige
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Desert Yellow

Flesh Shade
Light Flesh

Decals from Battle Flag

And there is a shot of the full box of 12 completed and all ready to crush my enemies at Cold Wars (or so I hope).

Finally just for fun here is a shot of my full milites christi force so far, 12 mounted Brother Knights, 8 foot Knights acting as Warriors, 8 Brother Sergeants with Spears, 8 Brother Sergeants with Crossbows, a Knight Commander, and a Bishop of War. Looks like a bad time to not be a Christian!

Samurai Re-Basing:

So the last project I have been working is re-baseing some of my Samurai from DBMM over to something I think is better for Pike and Shotte/ Hail Ceasar in 15mm. Since each unit is now 1 base instead of 4 it's easier to move them around, they look better (I hope), and fewer figures are needed to make a unit.

This has really re-invigorated my taste for painting 15mm Samurai stuff, and I ahve a TON of them unpainted so that is really good. So far I have just been working through my Useugi Clan forces, and have 3 units of Ashigaru with Spear, 3 Skirmishing Ashigaru with Ranged Weapons, and 1 unit of Samurai Cavalry.

So there is a group shot and a single shot. The bsaing is 100mm x 25mm. So far I have painted 2 Nage-Yari (pike) previously, is now 3. For the basing I have just used the Baccus basing set which I find to be excellent and a few different kinds of flock and small rocks. On the Skirmish bases I have put farious different items of supplies and such from Museum Miniatures. Really happy with how this one is going.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 32 
Painted: 40
Total: +8

So at +8 for now but I am about to buy a bunch of stuff at Cold Wars.



  1. Great looking Knights...very well done on the painting front.

  2. Splendid, I especially like your Teutonic Knights, most impressive job on them...

  3. Non-DBMM? Fewer headaches and more fun?


    Almost Anonymous

  4. Thanks guys.

    Well I guess that is a fair statement about DBMM, but a big part of it is also that I like the look of the bigger bases, and yea a bit less headaches. I think simpler games work much better as convention games also. Finally the guys around here seem to be getting into even bigger sized DBMM games that are not really my thing.