Monday, 23 March 2015

Painting - Samurai & Rus

So the work continues on the Cangames projects, finished off some more re-based Samurai guys and the Warlord for the Pagan Rus.

First up here is the last base for the Useugi stuff:

I painted a new command to get enough figures for a unit, so this brings them up to 16 bases and 2 commanders which is pretty good. That is all the Useugi troops that I had painted so then I moved over to rebasing some Takeda:

Started with the Cavalry on  that side, so I have 5 bases done for them now, and that is all the Cavalry I had done. So making quite good progress on that, but it will really slow down once I start having to paint new troops obviously, but should be just finishing off the armies at that point I think.

Also got the Warlord for the Pagan Rus just about finished, just need to add a shield and do the basing.

The axe is a bit small is the only issue with this guy, maybe I should have given him a sword instead. But my theory is that axes are cooler.

We are going back to doing some game on Wednesday this week, and the plan is to play a city fight game of Flames of War. So I started setting up a table yesterday.

Turns out I don't quite have enough buildings to convincingly cove a 6x4 table, but am making a good attempt. This is making me want to paint some of the unpainted ruins and buildings I have had for awhile hah. I have a few more rural style buildings I mgiht add, or else scale back to only 4x4. Turns out you need allot of buildings.

The mat is intended for 28mm and more of a modern / futuristic thing, but I think it still works ok even thou the roads are a bit wide but whatever.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 121 
Painted: 44 (1 set of Samurai Command)
Total: -77


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