Thursday, 19 March 2015

Painting - More Samurai and Infinity

So finished off a few more Samurai re-basings, a couple of more ranged squads and a couple of commanders. I was one the fence about the commanders but I decided to go for it just so they would all be on the same style of base.

So that brings me up to 15 units, and I have 1 more of Ashigaru Swords to go just need to finish the command, and then that will be all of my Useugi tuff re based. A bit heavy on the ranged units, but I am considering them to be skirmishers maybe so each stand would equate to less people. I probably will go back later and do some Oda guys to be the extra command and add some more Samurai foot and some Samurai with Nage-Yari, I think I have them unpainted. But will be ont to some TAekda re basing after the last unit so I will be able to try out a test game at least and see how it works and if it's even any good!

On the Infinity side I painted a Fusilier Paramedic, actually it's a special character medic but that what I am going to use it as mostly.

The pistol is actually a medical gun that shoot healing bullets, bizarrely enough. I'm not keen on the kiss blowing, but I wanted the paramedic stuff so that's life. I guess my plan is to paint 1 Infinity guy per week just to have a bit of variety in there. Next week will be the dude with the rocket launcher!

Paints Used:

Liquitex: Black Gesso, Black Ink

Vallejo: Black, Flat Red, Natural Red, Camo Beige, Ivory, Flat Earth, Dark Sand, Luftwaffe Green, Wood Grain

Warpaints: Soft Tone

Foundry: Flesh Triad

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 121 
Painted: 43 (1 set of Samurai Command and the Paramedic)
Total: -78