Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Painting - Houses

Just a quick one here, I wanted to add a few more house to the table for today so I tried to paint the set of Ker and King ones I have had in a box for years.

I only managed to finish 2 out of 4 but that is not bad, have the bricks done on the other two so I am just going to use them anyway I guess. Feels good to get them done after having them sitting unpainted for so long hah.

Paints Used:

Vallejo: Beige Brown + Flat Red (brick color), Luftwaffe Green

Liquitex: Umber Ink

GW: Black Spray, Adeptus Mechanicus Grey, Dawn Grey, Palid Wych Flesh

P3: Blue, Grey

Just a quick job obviously but fits in with the other buildings I guess, I painted them the same as my ruins so they would match,

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 121 
Painted: 46 (2 houses)
Total: -75



  1. They look good, I like the Kerr and King buildings but I find resin is too easy to damage though it does give a much better feeling of depth for some features than the laser cut buildings

  2. Yea they are alright, I prefer the pre painted ones from battlefront just because I am lazy. Just happened to have these around for some years and needed a few more buildings so might as well do them right.