Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Painting - Houses & Terrain for Cangames

So I finished off the other 2 of the Kerr and King houses I had. Nothing special just more of the same to go with the first couple. One thing I want to add in the future is some kind of a big town base that the buildings can sit on. My plan was to eventually pick up some of the crescent root ones, but they are no longer available it seems.

On a bit of a tangent from the prep for cangames now, I have a set of 4 Jumbo Shermans, just about finished for the campaign we have starting on the 19th. So starting to get distracted a bit, haven't gotten that much painting at all done over the last week or so really, but have been playing allot of games as well.

Anyway I decided to set up a mock battle using all the stuff I have for my Cangames Samurai battles to see how it all looks together on the table. Not exactly the same as the terrain set up might be but will be somewhat similar. I am hoping to get another half a dozen Takeda units done and then we can try out a practice game next week to see how this rule set works which is important. But I have a fair idea from playing Hail Caesar anyway. Plan is for this set up to inspire me to buckle down again on the painting front.

So i have a bit of an urban village on this side of the table, with a more rural one rice paddies and a vegetable garden on the other side, connected by a road over the river. Then a few forests and hills, nothing to fancy.

The basing I have blends in really well with the terrain items, but obviously the green mat looks kind of bad. I am hoping to replace it with a different one from before the con which should be better.


I had the roads for a long time but forgot they existed and never used them so they do need to be flattened out a bit, and the kink in my table looks bad. But still I think this is a neat set up.


Note I didn't paint any of this terrain it's was from a commission