Monday, 13 July 2015

Battle Report - 15mm Pike and Shotte, Samurai

Hello Folks,

So I had the guys over to play a 15mm Samurai game at my place over the weekend. I wanted to get another game in with my stuff, so we played a very rough version of Mimasetoge, the Takeda army is withdrawing from some failed seiges in 1569, and the Hojo have attempted to set up an ambush for their army in a mountain pass. I have done this battle previously, but decided to try it again for various reasons.

I really like how Pike and Shotte works for this period, but I am still trying to hone in on what the best stats, and special rules are to use. Also I do need to paint a few more stands of various things, such as Samurai with Nage-Yari (pike), and various other things. But it's hard when working on many different projects.

So here is a shot of the army lists and stats that were used:

Mostly the same as at Cangames, but I have gotten rid of the Hatamoto which I didn't like, and used some of the arquebus stands as battle line. After this game I will have to think about getting rid of Brave, which I don't really like either and perhaps replace it with Valiant (one free break test re-roll), additionally I think the giving the Takeda cavalry Ferocious Charge may be too good, so I will ahve to think about replacing this with Heavy Cavalry +d3, which allows them to add that to the combat result when they charge.

I also gave out the objectives cards again, although they were less extreme due to having less players.

Takeda Shingen

While retreating from the latest campaign in Suruga, Shingen has received word that the Hojo are preparing an ambush at the Mimase Pass.

In order to complete this objective the Takeda forces must smash through the blocking force and exit the North Road with at least half of their units.
Naito Masatoyo

Tasked by Takeda Shingen to guard the baggage train, do not disappoint your lord by allowing it to be captured.

In order to complete this objective you exit the board on the east road with the baggage and at least one unit. If the baggage is destroyed then Naito Masatoyo will commit Seppuku.
Hojo Ujikuni

The Takeda armies have broken the Imagawa in a neighboring territory. Due to this aggressive action you have been dispatched to trap them at the Mimase pass.

In order to complete this objective the Hojo force must win the battle and retain control of the field.
Hojo Ujiteru

The second son of Hojo Ujiasu you are being given command of a large contingent in a major battle. This is the time to prove yourself a capable commander.

In order to complete this objective Ujiteru must be alive at the end of the game, with his force unbroken, and be in control of the Takeda baggage train.

So that is the set up for the game, the basic goal being that the Taekda forces must break through and proceed off the table.

So here we have the starting set up, the Takeda force is on the lower right, and the Hojo on upper left guarding the mountain passes. This is all very loosely based on the Killer Katanas scenario, but I mostly just did what I wanted / felt looked good.

The battle started off slowly as the command rolls were not the greatest, so several of the generals had trouble maneuvering their troops. But the Hojo brought up the majority of their ranged troops to block the pass, and used that advantage to get some fire onto the Takeda Samurai as they formed up. Unfortunately I forgot an important rule which penalizes bow fire, so some units were a bit more effective then normal.

This pre-battle phase went on for a few turns so some units started to get disrupted a bit.

Eventually the Takeda got their commands right and we got some cavalry charges into the light ashigaru missile troops.

They made an impressive go of it, and lasted longer then I would have guessed, but ultimately were broken through. On the upper side of the table we have a similar thing going on, but then main bulk of the Hojo foot are marching to meet the Takeda troops who have marched over the wooded hill.

Not long after this the battle really heated up, and units were fighting all over the places. The commanders also started to get involved and several duels were fought. (both players roll a dice, on a even total result no effect, on an odd number the lower rolling Samurai is killed). The Hojo cavalry made an impressive showing and broke a unit or 2 of the Takeda troops, but casualties were mounting on both sides.

We didn't really follow the rules for army break points in order to keep the battle going, but I think it would be fair to say that the Hojo force broke first, although there were significant losses on both sides. No one was really able to achieve their objective so we kind of agree it was an indecisive win for the Takeda.

So in the end I felt that this battle went pretty well, but I do plan to weaken the Takeda Cavalry and change the special rules for Samurai slightly as discussed above. I might give the superbly drilled Ashigaru an extra attack as well. I also want to add a few things.



  1. I only had one stand left at the end of the game so I think I qualified for significant losses!

    The game was a lot of fun, I think that with the luck going a different way we would have had a good chance. The individual objectives and the duel mechanic were good additions.

  2. I also want to paint the messenger tokens at some point, and I have guys holding up cut off heads that could be good for wining the fight counters or something. Add in a b it of color, also have a bunch of monks and such to paint for that, so allot to do really hah.