Thursday, 30 July 2015

Painting Frostgrave

Hello Folks,

Got a bit more painting done on the Frostgrave stuff, Duncan and I are going to give it a go tomorrow, and I got my fancy bases in so I had to get a few things polished off. First off I put those 3 guys I had done last time one their new bases,

They are resin bases from Micro Ars Studios, they are a bit thick, especially with the magnetic bottom I added, but they look cool. I got some fancy ruins ones for the important characters with red wizardy writing, and some more plain ones for the soldier types.

Since we are going to be playing a game I also banged out the set of treasure tokens that came free with the Nickstarter. These are pretty cool if you ask me.

The big treasure chest one is supposed to be something else, it had a hole for something to plug into, but I guess I lost it. Luckily you also get a few extra bits so I tossed the big chest on there. So now we have some stuff for wizards to fight over!

I don't have any of the plastic guys done yet so I am going to use some Saga troops to stand in but that's ok.  I am excited to try this game out so you will surely be reading about it in a few days.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 218 (24 Frostgrave)
Painted: 114 (6 Treasure Tokens)
Total: -104


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  1. The treasure markers will be very handy.

    My troop of guys are going to be a mixed bag of forces as well.