Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Battle Report - Waterloo Campaign - Lasalle

Hello folks, this past Friday our club had it's second day for the on going Waterloo campaign. This time I was to once again command the Prussians and fight the French at Wavre, hoping to do better then a decisive loss this time around. I was joined by John and James.

So here we have the table all set up, we are the defender and the church in the bottom is the objective. I borrowed some cavalry and a couple of infantry units from Tod to make up my army. So we have our cavalry on the far end to fight the French cav commanded by John, James has the center, and I have the far flank. Our task is to defend, but this game heavily favors the attack so we are going to do that by just attacking.

First turn everyone moves up as predicted, and a few cannon balls are exchanged but no significant effect. We are keeping our 2 units of Landwher in the rear as their morale is unpredictable and we don't want them running off right at the start.

A few turns later we get into the real action, various units charging away at each other. On the far flank the cavalry are taking turns charging each other trying to get a decisive result. While in the center our lines are starting to smack together and we are getting a few combats. Our mounted units are not having an easy time as the French units are just a bit better.

Now we are starting to get into some trouble, a French cavalary unit has broken through, our cavalary is starting to falter, and the infantry battle is not going as well as hoped. I think at this point we are close to breaking and have only killed 2 French units, so we need to collect another to prevent the decisive win.

Sadly we had a round of bad dice and lost a few units, now the French are heading for our church and we are taking army morale tests.

James made a heroic last charge and managed to break another French unit so we are not going to loose decisivly, despite having very few units left. We were then able to keep running around the church with the horse artillery to keep the objective contested. Sadly our army morale broke before the game ended, on turn 17 I think it was we rolled a 17 so that was another loss for the Prussians.

But a fun game never the less, lasalle works very well with multiple players so that is great to have.


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