Monday, 20 July 2015

Tournament Report - Infinity

So last Saturday I went to the Infinity tournament that was held at Fandom, which was allot of fun. I thought I would through up so pictures and a bit of a report on how things went. This is a science fiction game which some people may not really be into, so just give it a skip if you are more into historical games.

Here is a link to the army I used on drop box:

I went with a Pan Oceania army typical of what I have been using at Fandom on Fridays for the last few months or so.

I was a bit lazy about taking pictures it seems so I only have a few to show.

Game 1:
vs Nomads in Emergency Transmission

Being a skirmish game with allot of terrain this game doesn't really make for great pictures really. But in this mission you have to connect various antenna objectives (the round token), and then connect and control the central one to make a transmission, and you get points for how well you do that. In this case I was able to put my sniper on the green building in the middle and have allot of control, and then bring forward some other guys to accomplish things. The Nomads had some trouble taking care of the sniper and some of my other units so I was able to keep control of the objectives for a win.

Game 2
vs Qapu Khalqi in Antenna Control

In this mission there are 3 objectives along the center that must be activated, and you get points for each one, and additionally there is a secret objective. This table was a bit harder to deal with as there was a bit less terrain making it dangerous to move around. Also  my opponent had a TAG a bit armored unit that can be dangerous (red guy by the hand).

In the end I spent allot of the game trying to kill the big guy and he did some real damage to my guys so I was not able to get as may objectives. But in the end we both controlled the antenna close to our side, and no one could control the center. On the last turn I was able to run a guy up to the black pipe and control the VIP on the other side so a slight advantage for me.

Game 3
Vs Qapu Khalqi in Cold Sleep

We were playing strict Swiss rules so winners always played winners even if they faced each other before. This meant I would play the same Haqq force again. This mission has a bunch of tech coffers that you need to open and additional the 2 middle ones have to be controlled, along with a secret objective.

This game went much more my way, I got a bit lucky and the great sniper was able to kill the TAG early without spending to many orders. This left me free to move up and start working on the objectives.

My opponents fire team moved up on the left flank, and I had most of my better units there, so they had a great fire fight, I lost my commander, and most of my better troops, but also got rid of the fire team. This left me mostly free to go for objectives in the other side.

So luckily I was able to achieve all of the objectives for another win. That left me as the winner for the tournament so I was able to walk away with the special miniature you can only get by winning a tournament, or just buying the tournament pack but it's a bit pricey.

In the end it was really fun to play some games of Infinity, but it was the hottest most humid day of the year which was not really great for me!



  1. Qapu Khalqi is not Haqq Islam! Don't disparage my men (and women)! :)

    1. Ok i fixed it since that is 2/3 of the games. Even I can't remember all the sectorials it seems.

  2. Looks like it was fun -- though it was a pretty hot day. I was in Fandom on Saturday but didn't think to look and see what was lurking in the basement.

    Now that I have acquired quite a bit of 28mm industrial terrain I am giving more thought to these sorts of skirmish games -- but I have a lot to clear out of my painting queue first!

    1. I find the skirmish games allot more fun to paint so hard not to get distracted by them. I already started painting some stuff for Frostgrave hah.

      We should organize another kung fu game sometime to put that industrial stuff to use, I think stan would be keen to give it a try also.