Thursday, 31 December 2015

Year End Review

Well we are just about getting to the end of the year, so I decided it would be a good idea to look back on the year and see what got done, were goals met ect.. So first up what were the things I said I wanted to paint.

  1. Teutonic Knights - Painted a SAGA army of these guys so call it a success
  2. Crusader Army - No such luck, stuck on the shelf of shame
  3. WW1 British Flames of War - No progress, stuck on shelf of shame
  4. Some kind of Fantasy stuff - Ended up doing a Dungeon Saga, and a bit of frostgrave
So I will call that 50%, not bad really. But hopefully I can do better this year.

Numbers wise I have ended up with 216 models getting painted which is quite allot for me, 35% more then previous years or there about. Of course 266 models bought so that is also quite allot, giving a net of 16 which is not to bad. I am planning to try and not buy any new stuff, except for perhaps a few bits for Team Yankee. I also want to focus a bit more on terrain, my plan is to do a tables worth for Frostgrave.

In addition to the raw numbers I thought it would be fun to throw up a few pictures of some of the stuff which got painted this year. A bit repetitive maybe, but still kind of fun, but I am only going to put the main things and not every little item.

First thing was some Teutonic Knights:

Then Pagan Rus:

And Rus Princes: I don't have a good group shot of these for some reason

Old West Stuff:

And Finally Dungeon Saga:

There were various other odds and ends of course, but those were the memorable things for me. So not a bad year I would say.

In terms of next year, I would like to focus on terrain a bit more. Also I am thinking to not buy anything new until after cangames, except maybe some Team Yankee stuff as there is allot of interest in that, but we shall see.

In terms of new goals we have discussed a bit some ideas for Cangames which are Frostgrave, and a Crusades game. So I would like to do the following:

  1. Templar SAGA army
  2. Crusader SAGA Army
  3. Team Yankee
  4. By Fire and Sword Skirmish Force
So those are my rough goals to start so we shall see how that goes!



  1. That is pretty good progress for the year.

    I am just in the process of figuring out what I got done this year (aside from not as much as I wanted to!)

  2. Great post Mike...good job on the progress. I'll have to see where I stand...once I get my fingers unglued, as I'm in the process of putting the Soviet TY box together...the Hinds look awesome.