Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Club Team Yankee Day, and Battling Banks

So this past Sunday we had our first Team Yankee day at the club. 50 point forces using the stuff from the starter boxes. We only got 3 people which was a bit less then we were hoping for but it was alright. I ended up not taking that many pictures for whatever reason, but I thought I would toss them up anyway why not.

Game 1: Stan Russians vs Bernhard Americans

The forces set up in rough parallel lines, both ignoring the objective placed on the far side of the river. The Americans actually won the chance to go first this time.

The Americans advance a bit, and move the Cobras to flank since they couldn't shoot that turn. Ultimately getting a couple of kills but nothing serious.

The Russians move their Hinds around to fire on the Abrams by the hill, loosing one to 50 cal AA fire but killing a tank in return so a fair trade.

Both sides trade shot for a few turns and things are looking good for the Americans for once. But then they fail some key morale tests and their force just crumbles away. This seems to be a common outcome for the Americans at this points level as they just can't take any losses.

Game 2: Mike Russians vs Bernhard Americans

We decided to give it another game since it plays so fast. Stan was not super keen for another go so I took over command of the Russians.

This time I got to go first and moved my tank platoons aggressively towards the 2 objectives (we never moved them due to lazyness). I figure that the tiny American force can't really split up.

This works out pretty well, the Hinds kill the commander while everyone moves up. My small platoon on the left going for the hill objective takes a pounding, and suffered a bail. But to many Abrams are being killed and there is no one to oppose the 5 T-72s on the river objective. So another quick victory for the Russians.

So that was our first day. Things are seeming fairly one sided for the Russians but I think that is just how it works out at this point level, I expect things to change for the next day, but we shall see I guess. The American tanks are always quite expensive so their forces will always be a bit brittle I think, but not this bad. We will be able to play more missions then just free for all as well which will open things up a bit.

The Bank:

I have been struggling to put together my Bank from 4 ground terrain all week, so I didn't get hardly any painting done. So with that in mind I decided to toss a few pictures of that at the end here why not.

So there you have it one bank ready to be robbed. This is a nice building, but it is the biggest and most complicated one yet, so it took forever to put together, probably 15-20 hours or something like that. The internal walls have a skeleton that you need to glue individual panels into and there is a ton of them, and allot of them had to be sanded down to fit in well. Plus there are allot of extra details that you don't get in other buildings like the counter allot of doors, fancy windows ect.. So it takes awhile. Not that I didn't enjoy doing it but I was not prepared for it to take quite that long!

Oh well the various Outlaws need something to rob so we do what we must. I also have the train station to do which is maybe a bit bigger, but much simpler so hopefully that won't be such a problem. No fancy paneling at least.



  1. Great post Mike...I totally forgot to take any pictures at the club...the bank looks amazing! The interior detail is quit something.

  2. Nice looking table and awesome bank!

  3. The games look like they were fun, I am sorry that I missed it.

    The Bank looks really good. I have been tempted by some of their 28mm stuff but have always backed off because of the the price. I do plan to pick up some of their new 15mm modern buildings

  4. I am looking forward to moving up to some bigger games of Team Yankee now, I think it will be allot better. I need to get painting on the second wave of stuff, but so many interesting projects!

    The 4 ground buildings are expensive, but I don't feel that it is a bad deal, especially for the smaller buildings like the bar say. I am that big on painting terrain either it's not my thing I guess so happy to have good solutions.