Monday, 1 February 2016

Painting - Dungeon Saga & Dragon Tides

Well another week of painting done. I managed to get another Dungeon Saga expansion done, all the big ones are finished for it is starting to fall in place now. Only the Dragon one remains to be done. I decided to try experimenting with the picture box a bit, I used the blue background instead to try it out, and tried a new mat I got for frost grave as the bottom. This was not very successful as you can see. I am not sure why thou hah maybe blue is not good.

Dungeon Saga, Return of Valandor:

Ba'el, Bringer of Woe:
Undead Demon Lord

The idea for this model is pretty cool I think, a zombie demon so a big rotting demon lord. But the execution is not that great really, the details are a bit lacking. I think maybe they were rushing or something. But I painted it the same red as the rest of the demons, but then with zombie flesh and bones where the skin was hanging off. I think it turned out pretty cool. This guy is the same size as the ogres.

Valandor, Demi-God:

Valandor is also pretty big, much bigger then the normal heroes. But this guy is not super great either. I tried to do a blue wash over the armor which worked out ok, but doesn't really show here for some reason. This seems to be the weakest of the expansions for the game in my opinion, but it was basically included in the kickstarter for free so whatever.

Chests and Barrels:

Also got some more furniture finished.

Dragon Tides:

I also did another pair of the Dragon Tides models becuase they are kind of fun.

Brandon Lee:

Luke Elba:

Not sure who this one is meant to be based on.

Old West Terrain:

And finally I started to assemble some of the 4 Ground kits for my second wave of Old West terrain. First up is the Marshals Office to bring a bit of law back to my town! Including wanted board, and jail cells with break out action (you can bust out the jail windows). I think it is pretty nice, not as neat as the other buildings but I think that is my fault mostly. I never had the right elastic bands sadly.

Pledge Status 2016:
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Painted: 28 
Total: +19 



  1. Looking great Mike...good job on the demon lord

  2. Those look really good!

    What size is the Frostgrave mat?

  3. The frost grave one is 3'x3' from the cigar box ones. I actually had forgotten I ordered it but it sowed up one day.