Thursday, 4 February 2016

Painting - Infinity Slow Grow League

Well tomorrow the Ottawa Infinity Association is starting up a slow grow league, start off with small armies and grow things up over the month. You are allowed to use old stuff but you kind of need to paint 1 new guy a month for points!

So to that end over the last 2 days I painted up an Aquilla guard that I have had around for a few months, and along with a few existing grunts that is my army for month one. No playing with unpainted stuff for me so it got to be done for day 1.

Aquila Guard, Multi-rifle:

So there is my guy, bit of a lame blog post with just one model. But it's for the points!

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 9 
Painted: 29 
Total: +20 

Pledge going good so far!



  1. The cloak looks good (though it does seem like an odd fashion choice)

  2. Very old-westish meets sci-fi...nicely done

  3. Hah I guess they figure that cloaks look cool, give a nice different feature then the armor. Allot of the heavy people in this army have cloaks or tabards stuff like that.