Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Old West Terrain

So got some good hobby progress over the long weekend, getting ready for a big Old West game on Saturday. Mostly working on terrain, but I got the next Dead Man's Hand book and a pack of Pinkerton's on Monday so I started working on them as well. Not sure they will be done in time, but I am going to try anyway hah. In the new book they mention that there is a free gang with rules in WI 315 which it turned out I have, that is rules and cards for a civilians gang lead by Clint wood, and a set of scenarios for High Plains Drifter that is pretty cool. Note: not planning to paint my town red

Water Tower:

First up is the water tower, this one was pretty fast and easy to put together. But it didn't co me out perfect as the pack was er slightly sat on... But still looks fins so ok. I think it would have worked a bit better if they had also included some rings to put inside the drum to force it into the circle better thou.

Train Tracks:

Then I have the train tracks. Not quite enough to reach across the table, but it gives the idea at least. Maybe I will get another pack of those, but every railroad tie is 3 pieces so they are a bit tedious to assemble. Actually the game we play is meant for a small table also.

Train Station:

And of course lastly is the main event the big train station. This is another pretty big one, but went together allot easier then the bank. There are no individual wall tiles to glue in. There is a bit of an issue with the really big pieces, it becomes had to stay flat, so the building doesn't plus into the sidewalk base exactly the way it should, but I don't see that as a big issue.

Scatter Terrain:

I also got some scatter terrain, I don't have it all put together yet, but I got a couple of items. There is also a bar for the bar put that is a resin piece that has to be painted so might be awhile. But here is a safe and a piano for now hah.

If I am honest this old west town set up is starting to become a thing of it's own. Kind of like building a model rail road I guess.

Anyway here is a couple of shots of the full table as I have it ready for Saturday. Maybe will get some more sets in a few months who knows.

The no-roof building looks really bad but  I had it so no reason not to use it I guess.

I got some good painting progress over the weekend as well. But was split on a few projects, and interrupted by pinkertons, so nothing is picture ready just yet. But I will have another post later in the week for that stuff I guess.



  1. The table looks great! Can't wait to fight it out.

  2. Yes should be good times, we will see how it works with 4 people playing (best bring your rolls 20 dice t his time). I am going to print some sheets to put the cards on to keep the table from getting covered with them that should do it I think.