Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wednesday Wargaming Returns! - Team Yankee

So Wednesday wargaming has come back again, this time we decided to play some Team Yankee, still learning the rules a bit so I imagine some mistake have been made but that is ok. Actually I realized one this morning which is totally my fault thou, we remember that you don't get the +1 to hit for long rage with the tanks, but forgot that the +1 to armor save still applies, not sure how much of a big deal that is but there  it is.

We played a bit bigger of a game this time around, at 72 points. But we realized part way through that the Russians were down a tank, but decided to do nothing since there were no more units to use. I could have taken one off but it would have been out by as much for me then.

Also I never had time to pre-set the terrain due to needing to paint 2 tanks for this game, so the terrain is a bit weak if we are honest. Fine for a game but doesn't look great on film hah.

Anyway we decided to move on from Free for All and try some more interesting scenarios, and ended up with Hasty attack. The Russians lost the roll off so had to defend. They choose to start with a platoon of 3 T-72s on the table in the woods on the east flank, 9 T-72s in ambush, and a T-72 commander, and 3 Hinds in delayed scattered reserves. On my side I had a platoon of 3 Abrams, 2 Abrams for my commander, and a second platoon of 3 and 2 Cobras in Immediate Reserves. So my stuff could possibly start to come on turn 1 giving a slight advantage.

I decided to ignore the 3 T-72s in the oil tanks by the woods and move up unto the field. Knowing there was a real load of T-72s about to ambush I wanted to have as much cover as possible and not allow side shots!

As expected the ambush came, but it wasn't easy for them to get in the side, so they formed up in lone a breast. As you can see Serge pointing out all the tanks he will destroy, but bad dice meant just one bailed out tank which quickly remounted.

No reserves for me sadly, but I moved back my platoon to stay in cover and not give away any side shots, and moved my commander to get some extra shots. This meant abandoning the objective a bit but got a kill so worth it!

Bit of a gap in the pictures now, but the Russian tanks moved to the edge of their range and had a much better round of shooting. This time the killed tanks, but luckily my third held on. Next turn the T-72s killed the last tank, but I had gotten a reserve and moved that up to finish off the big platoon. Sadly by the time I got reserves the Russians did right after. A flight of Hinds came in and made a missle attack against my command section, but no effect the first go around. On my turn which is turn 4 as you see above I brought in my Cobras. I thought I would gang them up on 1 Hind and start to chip them away. But that stupid Hind with his only 3 shots brought down both of my choppers! Ah crap.

Things took a dark turn after that. They moved over and tried another missile attack, easily destroying my command section. Then I had the choice of trying to shoot them down with AA, or trying to kill enough T-72s for a formation morale. This was do able if I got lucky, but the test is on a 2+, so I went for the safer helicopter killing route.

This almost worked out, I was able to get to 4 fire power tests to destroy. Sadly I rolled 2 5s for the 6+ tests, and 3 and 2 for the 5+ tests.

Then the Hinds moved around and finished me off. I killed one of them with AA thou so a bit of revenge at the least. Really need the VADS AA platoon, but battlefront won't ship it to me! argh.

Still I felt this to be a very fun game, definitely seems better with a bit more points, I really felt like it was possible for me to win this one, just a few bad choices and a bit of not stellar luck.

I think it would have been better for me to park the Cobras somewhere and let the Hinds attack, but I really didn't expect to loose them both so easy.



  1. A nice looking game on a beautifl looking table!

  2. Looks good and it seems there is more happening now that the points have gone up a bit

  3. Thanks all.

    Yes is for sure getting better with more points. I think the last bit of points will have allot of the support platoons also so that will make a big difference. Allot of those AA, mortars, infantry ect are all as expensive as 1 tank or less.