Friday, 9 December 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Forgotten Pacts

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Decided to play some Frostgrave this time around. With the new Forgotten Pacts book out now we decided to do that, so we went for the first mission in that book. The goal is to use have of your warband to get a magic Amulet, while the other half goes on to mission 2, Time Rot. I forget what the first mission is called, but we are planning to do #2 next week.

I started a new warband because I wanted to have the Animal Companion spell, as I just painted a big bear.

For the first missions I sent my apprentice, a Man at Arms, a thug, and 2 theifs, and casted my spell so also a big bear! Serge had his wizard with a knight, treasure hunter, crossbow man, and theif I think? So a bit better guys being an experienced warband, but I had a bear.

The amulet is in a chest in the middle and 2 other treasures are nearby, guarded by monsters, and a third treasure is on the other side from me due to reveal secrets.

First turn everyone mainly just moved up, and I casted strength on the bear. But when the bad guys picked up the treasure from reveal secrets a barbarian Templar and Knight showed up right behind them! This resulted in a dead theif right away.

After another turn of positioning and barbarian rampage our stuff got engaged. The treasure hunter was near where the amulet used to be, but mr wizard used telekenisis to move it. But the hunter had been trapped by my grasping hand spell. So I sent my bear in to muder him real good. They are both +4 fighters and both had strength on, the hunter from a potion, and we both rolled a 20! So they just killed each other out right.

Our other guys were busy killing the monsters by the treasures. My theifs had allot of trouble getting theirs but got him after 1 casualty. The other guys killed there's no problem but were having trouble with the barbarians! Here their knight is down, but the barbarian templar gets killed by a crossbow bolt.

I decided it was time for treasure so my remaining thief hopped across to get the one up high, and my thug went for the amulet. The man at arms had died from an elemental bolt. But you have to make a will power test to get the amulet, and thugs are not great at that. So despite trying like 3 times I failed. You can see the barbarian knight coming up in the picture, but the crossbow guy decided on revenge and killed him for me! That area is littered with bodies now.

My treasure caused a Ice Giant to show up, which meant it was time to run away!

After this everyone was just running out. My theif almost got trapped on the edge by a 2 headed dog, but he was able to push it back and escape.

In the end we both had 2 treasures. I got the one close to me, and ran off with the reveal secrets treasure, and the bad guys got the amulet and one other. No one died permanently due to the end of game rolls. I got 2 levels and they got 3 I think. The amulet is not that tempting as it takes away 10 experience every game!


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  1. I think your terrain was amazing. I also think that your strategy is much better than mine. I used three different spells. Elemental bolt, elemental ball, and telekinesis. The hold hand spell on my treasure hunter was very cool. I also like the bear that basically murdered him. I one point we had rolled 4 20s in 6 or seven rolls. Not much that can save on that. I had a great time as usual.