Saturday, 31 December 2016

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k and Kill Team

Well the other day me and the guys back home got together to play some games of 40k. Played a couple of big games with allies, and a couple of smaller kill teams games as part of a mini campaign I guess. May keep the campaign going for another day we will see. I actually found the big games with allies more fun then previous years, so there was less of a need for the smaller ones.

I didn't take that many pictures and we played a fair bit so I am not sure how well this will work, but I will toss up some stuff anyway.

Games 1: Genestealer Cult with Tyranid, and Imperial Guard Allies:

This is the first big game, just had 2 of us there for this one. We played a game with the supremacy cards where you get to draw cards depending on which objectives you control, and then they give you different things to accomplish like kill certain units or storm certain objectives, ect..

I have most of my guys over on the right flank to fight this big red machine, and the storm troopers are going to combat jump.

The big chaos guy was to afraid to fight all the purple genestealers on the top left so he came over my way. The big red guy killed my ogres mostly and made the last one run away. Then my guys jumped in. 2 units in the open and one over in the forest to hold some objectives for us.

I had to hide my storm trooper commander behind the bridge, while my vets moved up shooting at the big red guy. But now he has a bit alien to fight so I am saved from that guy. Sadly the Chaos lord who I named Captain Kill came in the ruins to kill my guys.

You can probably guess my little sword guy is not going to win this duel.

Now he is killing the rest of my guys! They are just normal guys they can't fight that big monstrosity!

In the end allot of our stuff got killed but we got allot of points out of the cards from controlling allot of the board so we had a solid win.

Big Game 2, Cultists, Imperial Guard, and Grey Knights vs the Chaos Warband:

This time we played with all 4 of us, with 3 against one. But each side had equal points and we used the right rules for allies so it worked out pretty well. We are using the big cards that are worth more points and harder to get again. Now playing down the long edge and you get a number of cards equal to the current turn.

First few turns are pretty even, we all sides are killing stuff and taking loses and scoring points. The big ogers had the task of defending the central ruins which became quite important. I dropped in 2 of my units up near the woods to help kill the chaos marines that were in the tank which went well. My other unit tried to jump further back but gott killed by landing in an unsave spot. Here the purple genestealers and about to kill allot of stuff.

The Chaos got some cards to kill a commander so this big giant demon tried to kill the commissar. The unit he was hiding in lost all of their guys but one, and then he ran over to join the big guys hah.

Then the big demon flew into the big ruins to get ready to fight  my ogres and take out the pesky commissar, who was an ace shot with his pistol. Sadly for the demon he was already half dead from doing allot of psychic powers. On the right the Grey Knights (unpainted for shame), have fight off all of the big demon vehicles.

Finally the big demon comes in for the kill, but not only does he fail to kill any of my big guys, the commissar refused the challenge! But he almost dies. In the background the 2 big tentacle dogs and killing the Grey Knights HQ who was protecting the objective getting alot of points for the Chaos and putting them in the lead.

But the game went long on random turns and most of the Chaos stuff was dead, so we were able to clean up on points in the last turn and just eke out a win, like 17 to 14.

Well that is enough reports for now so I guess I will post the smaller games later maybe.

Hope you enjoyed it, was fun to play 40k again after a year and get my new guys fighting. I watch a fair amount of video battle reports while painting so I still know the rules pretty well. Hope you enjoyed reading, or checking out the pictures of my poor guys getting murdered by big scary Demons hah.


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