Saturday, 17 December 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Time Rot

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This is Saturday of course, so ya I was a bit delayed getting this one up. Tis the season and all of that.

Anyway we moved on to the second mission in the new book, Time Rot, you have to play with the half your warband that wasn't in the first mission, this one is pretty similar with the amulet treasure to get, plus 2 others. But now time is going crazy so you get an effect based on your imitative roll. Sometimes a guy gets to move twice, sometimes a guy gets slowed, and sometimes a monster shows up!

I casted animal companion again, and Serge got reveal secret to cast so there was a 4th treasure.

So here is our table, just changed around. The amulet is up on the walkway by the big skull pile, and treasures are to the left of it one on my side and one on the other. Turn one things just moved up for the most part. I had my Templar drink a teleport potion and appear by the amulet, but later realized that my thug had it so we swapped them round.

My dog and bear advancing up under the platform,the is the start of Mr. Grizzlies rein of terror. HE just ate up the enemy dog.

The amulet got dragged down by some bad telekensis. But my bear is now in a big fight with the bad guy Knight, my bear with strength cast on him now of course so extra hungry.

The treasure got moved yet again, so the bad guy Kngiht who escapped the bear is over trying to get the amulet. Meanwhile my bear and Templar are running around trying to get him. I casted mud a couple of times to try and slow them down, but mostly affected my self!

Now Mr. Grizxzly has gobbled up the bad Knight and is staring down an apprentice. My Templar is continuing to move up and go for the amulet. I forget the details, but I had a thug run off with the other treasure on my end. And Serge had a couple of guys escaping with the reveal secrets treasure and the one on the end. Most other guys are dead. The apprentice failed to kill the Bear with elemental bolt, so he is now having second thoughts.

The apprentice moved back, so the Bear got right up in his face dripping blood to see if he still wanted to interfere with my Templar or not. Ms. Templar was the free to grab the amulet and everyone was able to move off. In the end we each got 2 treasures, and an amulet in each of the games. The only permanent casualty was my dog, and no gold to buy him back! But I got a dagger that ignores armor for Slippery Pete so that was kind of cool.

Great game with the crazy fun time effects. Sorry this is a few days late so I can't remember the details super well.

This is the last Wednesday Wargaming before the Christmas Season, but we will be starting up again sometime in the new year, with Trafalgar, hopefully!



  1. The scenarios in the new book look good -- they mostly have good strong goal and there is something about the environment that is trying to thwart you.

  2. I never read ahead but they are cool so far. Definitely worth while to have all the books, but it is starting to be hard to remember what bit is in which book, but that is how it is I guess. Have to get around to painting some Barbarians in the new year.