Saturday, 31 December 2016

Painting - Warhammer 40k

Hello All,

Got some more painting done over the Christmas break. Been working on a bit more 40k stuff that I took home as that was easy to travel.

Genestealer Cult Neophytes:

First up a group of Genestealer Cult guys. I did this the last week before Christmas as a present, but still counts for my numbers! THey are human alien hybrids, pretty cool.

Imperial Guard Veterans:

Also completed a unit of Imperial Guard infantry. Couldn't really get a great picture as I don't have my set up thing here, but also I didn't try that hard if we are honest. Anyways these guys are pretty cool, I converted them with the extra heads from my Tempestus guys to give them cool hats and make them fit in better. Worked really well. They have a couple of Grenade Launchers to bring some pain.


And finally I did a unit of 3 Bullgryns, these are like big ogre guys with huge shields. I only picked them up because this is what the store had, but they are pretty cool. They actually did surprisingly well in the games we played.

Looking at the calendar I am guess this is the last of the painting I will get done this year! But it went pretty well. I probably will do a summary post for the year tomorrow or the next day. Also have a post to do for the games we played yesterday.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 383 
Painted: 484
Total: +101

Ended up just under 500 on the painting count which seems great, and had a positive value of 100 so painted more stuff then got bought, can't argue with that either, bumper year for painting things!

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