Monday, 12 December 2016

Painting Update - GW and War of the Roses

Hello All,

I guess it is time for another painting update. I got a few more items finished off so time to show some pictures!

First up some more War of the Roses stuff. Almost have the DBA army woth of stuff I had painted, just one stand and a commander left. But I did order a bit more.

Cavalry and a Bow:

A stand of bow, a Currour, and a knight. That is pretty much the maximum on mounted knights. The main thing to be added is bowmen but a few more various bits and bobs, commanders and what not. Should be able to get to the full 200 point army in the new year.

Grizzly Bear:

Big old bear from the Red Box games kickstarter. Pretty cool model, ery easy to paint. Had a bit of gap in the elbow so I gave him a bit magic gold arm band. I figure this is part of the control animal spell, and that is how you get bears to fight for your team.

Tempestus Scions:

These guys are the main event of this post. As usual around Christmas time I have a tendency to paint a little bit of GW stuff to play with my buddies back home. This year it is being planned as a Kill Team day so I am working on some of these guys. The new Storm Troopers box basically. They come as a set of 5 so I have 2 done now, 1 more to go which will be the commander and some special stuff. This basically exactly gets me to 250pts which is what you need for that. I may add a bit more odds and ends, but will see how things are looking time wise as I needed it all done when I fly out on the 23rd. Hopefully can finish off the last 5 during this week.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 347 (Temptus Scions) 
Painted: 455
Total: +108

Doesn't seem super likely that I will quite make it to 500 but that would be cool.


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