Sunday, 29 January 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Campaign 2

Hello Folks,

Had another game for the SAGA Age of the Wolf campaign that the club is doing, Nick came over and another battle was had! Nick choose to use his ambushing powers that his Warlord had to we rolled for an Ambush Scenario and got Escort.

I had my Pagan Rus again but down a bunch of warriors and some Hearthguard. Nick had the Anglo Saxons, but they were mostly ok. I had a theory that this battle might be a really good one for my faction, as the Pagan Rus have some really good abilities that restrict movement or mess with isolated units. So I thought I can force them to spread out and make it hard to give support, but my main goal was to limit combat as much as possible.

Here is the start of the game, I have 4 warriors and 3 Hearthguard on the left with a bagage, a baggage 4 hearthguard with a banner and a warlord in the center, and then 3 more hearthguard and the last baggage on the far right. The Anglo Saxons had to spread out allot and had 4 hearthguard on the right, 11 warriors in the center, and 12 levy, 4 warriors and their warlord on the left.

I had good dice on turn 1 so I was able to use some abilities to kill the 4 Hearthguard right off.

This forced the Saxons to advance and spread out as much as possible. I had called up the Great Winter thou so they could not move very far.

Next turn I got a bunch of 6s which gave me more options, so I decided to try a big attack. I sent my units of 3 Hearthguard into the Levy unit and got a few kills with no losses and exhausted them.

The Saxons used the next turn to redress their lines and remove all the fatigues. Being sure to keep units within 6 of each other now.

I used my next turn to just move the baggage on the far right as many times as it took for him to escape. Which took most of my dice. This of course left my Hearthguard open to attack, so the Saxon leader came in with a unit and made a good attempt. I got lucky with the defense dice thou and one pesky lady survived the onslaught.

I sacrificed that one remaining lady to get a fatigue on the big unit of 12 warriors, I was hoping for a kill also but it never happened. I also moved my Warlord and his protecting unit to the village, and sent the second baggage as far as I could. The Sacons tried to give chase, but I was able to use the Frozen ability to make it very hard. This one cancels a units second activation and then they can't be activated again, so it s hard to chase.

This left a second baggage in range of the edge, so I used all my dice to move him off the board. With 2 baggages off, that was a win for the Rus.

Since the fighting was not to severe I didn't loose many figures, actually all the losses came from just the one unit, so I lost one but got it back. Similar for the Saxons. But the fates where very kind to me, adding 6 warriors, and harsh the the Saxons the had a famine or something and lost a wealth.

But it was a fun interesting game, very different for Saga as I as able to mostly meet my goal of not fighting?? What kind of Saga  campaign is this again?


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