Friday, 27 January 2017

Painting Update - Science Fiction Time

Hello Everyone,

Time for another painting update. This week I decided to do a bit of work on some smaller projects before I move into allot of big time stuff for Cangames, but that has to start sooner rather then later! Anyway it ended up that I was working on some various Sci-Fi bits.


First up is another new model for my latest Infinity army. This guy is basically an elite Ninja. The more invisible guys the better.

Shaolin Monk:

I also need some cheaper models to go along, so I got a warrior monk done. This guys is a warband guy so his job is mostly to get killed I guess!

Neo Ashigaru (Fire Warriors):

I signed up for the Epic Armageddon tournament at Cold Wars in March, so I thought it would be cool to do a new army. Sadly the stuff for that game is long gone out of production and is hard to get, but there are a few companies that make 6mm models that are meant to be similar, so they make great stand ins. I picked up these few models last year to give them a try so they are the start of my Tau Epic army. Here are the basic infantry guys, have to add some transports for them.

Raijin Grav Tanks (Hammerhead Gunships):

A few tanks, need units of 4 and they come in 3s which is a bit unfortunate, but you can make bigger units also I think so just need a few more really.

Oni Close ASsault Rigs (Crisis Battlesuits):

Of course you can't have Tau without some battle suits so I got a unit of those to try as well. For these I have put the name from onslaught and then what they are standing in for in brackets. I think they work pretty well and are nice models. They have their own look which is a bit different, but you can easily see what is what. I quit like these models so have ordered some more to make an army, this is only a start really.

Actually they have started coming out with a series of End Time books for 40k now which I am finding very interesting. So I may have to do some Epic battles based around those books, sounds like allot of fun to me. They are really big battles so Epic seems like a cool place to do it. Biggest problem is Chaos models. There are a few but not tons, and they don't cover the full range of everything that would be nice to have.

But that is what I got painted for now!

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