Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Painting - British Fleet

Hello All,

I guess it's time for the first real post of the year. Been a bit slow getting back into the swing of things what with vacations and being lazy and all. Anyway I finally got all of my fleet finished off, well mostly there is still maybe a few small fixes to do and have to gloss varnish the base. But basically done.

This is the British squadron pack A. So I have HMS Royal Sovereign (100), I had this one painted a few years back but Included it anyway. HMS Ceasar (80) IRRC that is the one on the far left of the bottom picture. The other two are not named models but lets call them HMS Mars (74) and the smallest is Polyphemus (64).

Pretty happy with how this squadron turned out, not perfect but I think they look good all together. As has been said this is by far the most difficult modelling project that I ave done thus far. Lots of small pieces and the fiddly bits and the rigging can be a big pain, but you need to do some of it for them to look good. I cut some corners and only did the standing rigging, so about half of it maybe, plus the brass etched ratlines that are provided.

At some point I would like to get some smaller ships like a couple of frigates maybe another 64, or some merchantmen, but this is it for now!

The naval battles are starting today, we are using the Trafalgar rules from Games Workshop's old Historicals line to start with. So look forward to some sailing battle reports. Hopefully we will play through all the scenarios once at least and there is 6. Serge has done all the terrain so should be cool!

Let me know what you think.

FYI the mat is from FAT Mats which is a bit blue but I like it. I regret now not getting the fantasy ship game from GW but oh well. They have a cool mat also.

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