Monday, 2 January 2017

Year End Review: 2016

Well another year is over, so time for a look back at all the stuff that gone completed last year, and how many goals were met and what not.

Last years goals were:

  1. Templar SAGA army
  2. Crusader SAGA Army
  3. Team Yankee
  4. By Fire and Sword Skirmish Force

Well I didn't complete either of those SAGA armies, but I did do an Ancient Greek one. Got all of the Team Yankee I wanted to do done and more, and finished off more like 3 forces for By Fire and Sword. So something like a 50% completion rate.

On the pledge side, as discussed last time more stuff got completed then bought, and lots of things got painted so pretty happy there. Hopefully can crack 500 for this year, but who knows what will happen.

Anyway here are some pictures of things that got done in 2016, not going to post every single thing but just some stuff I see as the highlights.

Team Yankee:

Old West:


Epic Armageddon:




By Fire and Sword:

Romans and War of Roses for ADG:

Warhammer 40k:

So yeah lots of painting as you can see, and lots of variety also which is really good if you ask me. Now on to the goals for next year, planning time:

  1. British Ships for Trafalgar
  2. 15mm Samurai (Monks) for Cangames
  3. 15mm WW1 
  4. Get more into the Hobbit Game Planning to do some Terrain for Cangames for Frostgrave
  5. Would like to get to some more Eipc, really enjoy that game

Well that is probably a good enough set of goals for now. Well see how that gets on as we move into the new year! The ships are the first up and they won't take long to finish. Very excited to finally give that a try, and they are almost done really just have to do the rigging when I get back from vacation!

Final Pledge Tally, 2016:

Bought: 383 
Painted: 484
Total: +101
2015: 216 Painted
2014: 140 Painted



  1. Stunning job, I like especially your Frostgrave and Old West works...congrats!

  2. Very impressive and great paint job. I see that 15mm WW1 is third on the list. I might be able to get my German army out soon :)