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Battle Report - SAGA Campaign

Hello Folks,

Time to throw up a few more pictures and battle reports. This week was the start of the SAGA Age of the Wolf campaign at the club so I was playing in that on Friday. I went with a Pagan Rus group and my warlord started with Noble Mein, Land Waster, and Hero of the Viking Age. The main idea here is to get power by winning land wealth and reputation, and campaign victory points by winning games.

Game 1: Vs Vikings, Battle at the Ford

My thinking here was that this will be an ideal scenario for me, as it kind of forces you to spread out to go for the crossings. This would give the exhaustion battle board abilities of the Rus time to work. I figure my warriors can push through the levy on the right and the elite troops can take the left. You win this scenario by having more troops across the river at the end.

On turn 1 used my abilities to exhaust a unit of vikings and then kill 4 of them! Also moved a couple of units up. The vikings mostly just moved up and rested, not allot of action.

The viking archers managed to kill 2 of my warriors with shooting, which was not great but I didn't think would be to bad.

Not having the dice for freezing people I sent my troops to attack the bridge and killed the rest of the viking hearthguard, so the best viking unit was dealt with.

Sadly the Viking archers turned out to be very effective, so I had to give up on crossing the bridge, and decided to exhaust them and try and keep them from firing. Meanwhile everyone else made a B-line for the other bridge.

We had another attack and I traded one hearth guard, for 4 viking warriors. Not bad, eeryone keeps on moving, and I am able to pile more fatigues on those pesky archers.

The vikings get some good momentum going finally and kill my first unit of hearthguard, but 2 more are coming, and they are running out of troops.

I am down to only one unit, plus the 2 warriors by the woods. But the vikings just have a warlord and some exhaust levy. The viking warlord decides discretion is the better part of valor so falls back.

This basically concedes the scenario to me, and I don't bother trying to chase that warlord since it is to dangerous and preserving troops is important in this campaign. So I managed to win, but there was allot of losses on both sides, the Vikings can really hit hard in combat. I won some lad but rolled a flood and famine for my event so I am down troops and my new land was destroyed, not so great for a win? The Vikings ended up getting a bunch of new levy...

Game 2: Vs Vikings, Forest Road Ambush

Next game I was ambushed on a road in the forest by Vikings! (anyone else in this campaign??) The goal for me is to escape on any board edge, I get points for everyone but auto win if the warlord makes it off. The vikings get points for killing me, and first turn, and I only get half the normal saga dice on turn one. The Vikings put allot of their troops on the far end of the board, not really sure why. They were also worried about having isolated units so get groups together to try and block my ability to exhaust.

Things got started with a big Viking attack on my vanguard unit, which killed all but 3 of them. This had my warlord trapped where he would be forces to charge the Viking warlord if moved. But I was able to get a unit in the way and ran down along with some warriors. Both moving twice and taking a fatigue. So good on running but no fighting back.

This put me close to the edge, so the Vikings had to run to block my units, mainly it is the warlord that matters at this point. The Viking vanguard made a big attack on my warriors and traded units basically. But this left their warlord vulnerable. On my turn I got some good Saga dice so I was able to kill him. One of the Rus abilities gives you 3 bonus hits against units if they are fatigued which is amazing for fighting armor 6 warlords!

This put the Vikings in a tough spot and there was no real way to stop my guy from running off.

The fate table was a little better this time and my warlord gained the Bravery ability which lets him ignore the first fatigue every turn. But I am bleeding troops and not getting them back so that is starting to be a big concern. Maybe I can get a nice peaceful battle for the next one and a good roll to give some re-enforcements.

Infinity Tournament:

On Saturday I went to the Infinity tournament at Fandom. Infinity is a skirmish Sci-Fi game which is allot of fun. My intention was to make a report of this as well, but I took one picture then got to into things and forgot about it. Anyway you can see one example of a table with some very nicely painted buildings, along with some paper cars and random blocks that are just painted grey hah. Had 8 people there for this so had to spread around the good terrain.

Anyway I ended up winning that so 2017 is starting of with allot of victories.

Thats all for now.


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