Thursday, 16 February 2017

Heavy Gear - Shattered Peace - Downing Front - Game 1

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing some heavy gear, decided to use some of the linked scenarios from the Shattered Peace book and just adjust them to the new rules to have some fun games. So the Earth forces are invading Terra Nova again, I am taking the Colonial Expeditionary Force (Earth), and Serge has the North.

The North army is mostly from the new plastics, but my Earth stuff is mostly older stuff as I haven't gotten around to painting many plastics yet.

Reconnoitre the Line:

Here is a shot of the set up. For the first mission the Earth forces are starting off with a Recon mission as they start to meet up with larger Northern forces. The landings weren't opposed. This one has the forces sent to check out a Maglev line (just used a train tracks). The Earth forces have to scan the badlands outpost, and the stone head close to the line, The Northern Guard have to Hold one of them (the outpost was chosen).

The CEF have a group of 2 light hover tanks, with a jammer bashan for back up, along with a group of frames and some flail infantry in support. The north have 2 fire support groups, one with a Kodiak and some hunters and a jaguar, and the other has some grizzlies hunters and a fire jaguar.

Turn one doesn't have a ton of action, I am going for some long range shots as my army is based on energy weapons so better to stay at longer ranges it seems. The North mostly double forward and fire of a few snaps.

Turn 2 the actions really starts to begin. I moved up the frames a bit, but mostly stuck to some rocky cover, and killed a couple of gears. The North reacted by taking out one of my frames. The original plan was to keep the jammer near my tanks to provide some extra defense. But despite winning at this point I thought the writing was one the wall, so I broke and made for the objectives.

Turn 3 I got the initiative again as the Northern commander was dead, and decided I best get the objectives now, and hopefully move the tanks out of danger. So they went way down behind the Outpost and managed to scan it. Meanwhile the jammer scanned the stone head. But this left them both exposed. The Kodiak then took his heavy bazooka to work on the tanks supported by some Hunters dealing heavy damage and I think eventually killing the group commander. I did what I could with the frames which was not much! But lost my commander to the Jaguar on the hill.

With all of my leaders dead, the North was able to get the initiative now, and those hunters jumped on my remaining tank in melee crippling it. I used my turn to move it away and fire a shot, and set the jammer guy into the back of the Jaguar on the hill to try my hand at melee but faield, and was then killed. The frames tried to take on the Kodiak, but he was not having it.

Next turn with all the leaders dead we just rolled off and the North retained the initiative, and used it to kill my tank. I tried to strike back with the Frames, but wasn't able to do that much, and the Flail infantry made a good effort. The North then mopped up most but not all of my stuff. Leaving 1 Frame and the infantry around.

After the dust settled, I had accomplished my recon objective, with heavy losses, and the North held the Outpost still. So It was a bit of a draw, or perhaps minor Northern victory. But at least I took out a couple of hunters a Jaguar or 2 and a Grizzly so not totally worthless.

Next week we will move on to the next scenario which is the main attack, and a game more then double the size. Not sure how many points we will be able to muster but will be a bit more anyway.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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